This certificate is designed for students who wish to either become financial managers or who wish to advance their financial careers. The certificate begins with a common core of financial tools and finishes with a course in financial decision-making. The core classes include an integrated foundation of finance, economics and accounting, as well as an integrated course on domestic and international corporate valuation, covering both finance and accounting problems. The financial decision making course, and the certificate will help managers use decision-making theory to better understand why investors, money managers, and corporate managers often make sub optimal economic and financial decisions. The course includes basic techniques and models that a manager or an investor should know. The certificate will provide students with a template for thinking through a variety of financial issues.  

Students completing the master’s in finance have the option of earning a certificate in either Corporate Finance or Financial Decision Making to supplement their degree. Additionally, an individual certificate in each track can be earned online for those students who do not wish to complete the full degree at this time. The combined Certificate in Finance Decisions and Corporate Finance requires 20 credits, while the Certificate in Financial Decision Making requires 16 credits.

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Curriculum Requirements

FIN 613Intermediate Corporate Finance and Investments4
FIN 614International Finance, Valuation, and Financial Statement Analysis4
FIN 615Financial Decision Making4
FIN 635Quantitative and Analytical Fundamentals for Finance4
Total Credit Hours16


The Certificate in Financial Decision Making is for those students who work, or plan to work, in a corporate setting or at a money management firm working with mutual funds, hedge funds, or pension funds. 


 Student Learning Outcomes

  • Use teamwork, business communication, and organizational skills to effectively analyze information and present results in group projects.