A minor in architecture is available to non-architecture majors as an option in the undergraduate architecture program. The purpose of the minor is to provide a general understanding and appreciation of the discipline of architecture. The minor does not satisfy professional requirements in architecture but does offer an introductory basis for further study at the undergraduate or graduate level. The program requires 12 credit hours in architecture courses.

Curriculum Requirements 

Twelve architecture credits from the following list of courses may be taken to complete the requirements for the minor.

Select 12 credits from the following:12
Architecture and Culture
Architecture and Behavior
On-Site Survey of European Architecture and Urbanism
Architecture and the Environment
History of Architecture I: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance
History of Architecture II: Baroque through Contemporary
Introduction to Architecture Design I
Introduction to Architecture Design II
Introduction to the Development of Architecture
On Site Study of Selected Architecture and Urbanism
On Site Graphic Analysis of Selected Architecture and Urbanism
Ancient Architecture
Early Christian, Byzantine, and Medieval Architecture
Colonial Architecture
19th and 20th Century Architecture
Adaptation to Climate Change
Studies of Havana
Construction and Project Management
Professional Lecture Series
Contemporary Theories of Architecture
Architecture of South Florida
18th and 19th Century American Architecture and Architects
Selected Topics in World Architecture
Renaissance Architecture
Special Problems
Special Problems
Special Problems
Special Problems
Special Problems
Special Problems
History of Cities
Cinema and Architecture
Total Credit Hours12