Advanced Writing and Communication Skills 

The Innovation, Technology and Design students satisfy the University's Advanced Writing and Communication Skills requirement by completing a set of classroom courses, laboratory courses and design courses where they learn effective oral, graphical and technical writing skills. Innovation, Technology and Design students acquire Advanced Writing and Communication skills in the following core courses: 

  • EGN 114 Global Challenges Addressed by Engineering and Technology
  • ITD 120 Design Challenges 1 & 2
  • ITD 134 Design Challenges 3 & 4 (Empathize and Design)
  • ITD 256 Design Challenges 5 & 6
  • ITD 278 Design Challenges 5 & 6
  • ITD 310 Design Challenges Capstone 1
  • ITD 320 Design Challenges Capstone 2
  • ITD 199 Internship 1
  • ITD 299 Internship 2  

ITD 120. Design Challenges 1 & 2. 6 Credit Hours.

Design Challenges 1 and 2 use problem-based learning and the design process to introduce students to explore a question related to a problem on campus. Students are required to refine the assigned problem to something relatively simple and tractable, and then research and propose solutions. Students will develop skills around collaboration, problem scoping, and research. Students will engage in workshops and activities emphasizing teamwork and collaboration.
Components: EXP.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Fall.

ITD 134. Design Challenges 3 & 4 (Empathize and Design). 6 Credit Hours.

This course is the second in a series of courses whereby students will employ Design Thinking methodology. More specifically, it hones in on the second and thirds steps of design thinking: developing empathy and a point of view. It provides students with skills related to understanding and defining the social and emotional components of complex problem solving. Students will “listen with their eyes” in order to identify a problem to solve and practice techniques in order to better understand the user’s state of mind and point of view (POV).
Components: EXP.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Spring.