The Marine Policy minor introduces the student to the field of marine policy, which includes coastal and ocean law and policy, conservation, and natural resource economics.

Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses
MSC 111Introduction to Marine Science *3
MSC 112Introduction to Marine Science Lab *1
Select 12 credit hours of the following: **12
Living Resources of the Ocean
Economics and Politics of the Environment
Coastal Law
Ocean Law
Introduction to Aquaculture
Marine and Coastal Protected Area Theory and Practice
Ocean Policy
Sunken Ships and Submerged Sites: An Introduction to Underwater Archaeology
Decision Making and the Environment
Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment
Climate Science and Policy
Marine Conservation Science
Coral Reef Science and Management
Climate Law
Political Ecology of the Galapagos
Spatial Applications in Marine Science
Political Ecology of Marine Management
Fieldwork in Coastal Management: Tourism, Conservation, and Development
Environmental Planning and the Environmental Impact Statement
Coastal Zone Management
Port Operations and Policy
Total Credit Hours16

Students majoring in the Rosenstiel School Undergraduate Program should replace MSC 111 and MSC 112​ with one additional elective, and all electives must be above and beyond those used for the major. Fall sections of MSC 111 and MSC 112 are reserved for majors only.  Minors may only enroll in MSC 111 and MSC 112 in Spring semesters.


Courses within this minor require at least one requisite. Students should review all courses and requirements before planning your studies and declaring the minor.  Plan your courses accordingly as requisites must be met for enrollment and completion of minor.


Only those courses passed with a grade of “C-” or higher may be applied to the minor. The Marine Policy minor fulfills the requirements of the People and Society or STEM cognate. .