Admission Requirements

Here is a list of the course based admissions requirements. For more information about admission, please visit our website.

  • 1 semester of Linear Algebra
  • 1 semester of Differential Equations
  • 1 semester of calculus-based Probability and Statistics

Curriculum Requirements

Core Courses
MTH 642Statistical Analysis3
MTH 643Statistical Analysis II with Financial Applications3
MTH 645Optimization Methods3
MTH 647Introduction To Mathematical Finance3
MTH 648Stochastic Calculus with Application to Finance3
MTH 649Computational Methods of Finance3
FIN 650Financial Investment2
FIN 651Advanced Topics in Investments2
Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Electives (3-9 credits)
Introduction to Parallel Computing
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Neural Networks
Partial Differential Equations I
Partial Differential Equations II
Numerical Linear Algebra
Mathematical Probability
Finance Electives (2-6 credits)
Quantitative Finance & Market Microstructure
Alternative Investments
International Finance
Corporate Finance
Financial Institutions
Financial Modeling
Other Business Electives (0-3 credits)
Analysis of Financial Statements
International Monetary Economics
Game Theory in Economic Applications.
Business and Security Valuation
Fixed Income Markets and Analysis
International Financial Management
Total Credit Hours34