Admissions Requirement

A minimum of 9 credit hours in mathematics courses numbered 200 and above is required. For more information about admission, please visit our website.

Curriculum Requirements

Choose one of the following:6
Partial Differential Equations I
and Partial Differential Equations II
Ordinary Differential Equations
and Dynamics and Bifurcations
Introduction to Probability Theory
and Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Topology I
and Topology II
Introduction to Real Analysis I
and Introduction to Real Analysis II
Abstract Algebra I
and Abstract Algebra II
Additional Courses 124
A three-hour written examination covering the material in one of the year-long sequences listed above.
Total Credit Hours30
  • At least 18 credits of MTH courses are required.
  • All courses from other departments must be numbered 600 or above, be pertinent to the teaching of secondary school mathematics, and be approved by the graduate committee.