Curriculum Requirements

Course requirements for students WITH a M.A. in Sociology from UM:

SOC 602Contemporary Sociological Theory3
SOC 612Sociological Statistics II3
SOC 610Advanced Research Methods3
or SOC 613 Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 615Class Structure and Social Stratification3
or SOC 616 Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives
SOC 622Teaching Seminar in Sociology3
Three courses toward a substantive area of concentration.9
Three courses toward a second substantive area of concentration9
Dissertation Work: 12
Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Dissertation 2
Post-Candidacy Doctoral Dissertation
Additional Requirements
Students must pass two written substantive area examinations
Students must complete a paper of publishable quality
Students must be admitted to candidacy
Students must complete a written presentation and oral defense of an acceptable dissertation
Total Credit Hours45

An M.A. or and M.S. degree is required for admission to this program. The courses taken for the Ph.D. must be different from the courses taken for the M.A. degree.


A maximum of 6 Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Dissertation  credit hours may be taken.


With reference of the 45 total credits  hours, it is anticipated that three credit hours will have been taken as electives at the M.A. level.


The satisfactory completion of the requirements of the Graduate School as stated in this Bulletin