The 45-credit post-Master’s EDD in Applied Learning Sciences prepares students for careers that require expertise in multiple facets of human learning. The program’s three specific foci, which students are expected to integrate in a culminating applied project, are:

  • Learning: how people, as individuals, groups, or parts of an organization, learn; 
  • Design: the design, implementation, and revision of learning environments that enhance human learning; and
  • Assessment: the assessment of learning and the evaluation of individual, social, technological, and design factors that advance or impede learning. 

Curriculum Requirements

Cross-Cutting Courses 9
The following courses can be taken under any area because of their cross-cutting nature but will be completed just once.
Introduction to the Learning Sciences
Applied Research and Development in Learning Sciences - Seminar I
Applied Research and Development in the Learning Sciences - Seminar 2
Human Learning
Organizational Learning
Affective, Relational, and Cultural Factors and Processes in Learning
Design of online learning environments
Select 1 course from the following:
Design of Formal Learning Environments
Design for workplace related learning
Design of Out-of-School, Informal Learning
Essentials of Research in Social and Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Research
Quantitative Methods I
Qualitative Methods I
Assessment of Human and Organizational Learning
6 credits of coursework in a related cognate must be approved by advisor.
3 credits of elective coursework must be approved by advisor.
Total Credit Hours45