The educational mission of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine interdisciplinary MD/MPH dual degree program is to graduate physicians with the ability and desire to improve the health of all populations, especially those most vulnerable and underserved, by alleviating suffering and eliminating healthcare disparities through their leadership in patient care, research, education, health care administration and the community.

Four-Year MD-MPH Program:

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) MD/MPH program is unique in several ways. There are very few four-year MD/MPH dual degree programs offered at medical schools in the United States. Our program integrates significant components of the MPH coursework into the curriculum beginning in the first year and culminating in a required four-week clerkship in Public Health in the fourth year. In addition, the medical school has partnered with the Palm Beach County Health Department This partnership provides opportunities to work with public health professionals in one of the country’s most academic and comprehensive public health departments.

The program is designed to provide graduates with the clinical and research skills required to approach health problems from a population and prevention perspective by integrating the roles of the biological sciences and clinical practice into the broader sets of knowledge and practices used in public health. We will graduate physicians who are provided the academic knowledge and skills, as well as the clinical experience to improve the health of all populations, especially those most vulnerable and underserved.

The MD/MPH dual degree program is an educational track at the UMMSM that will provide:

  • Both degrees in four years
  • Integrated and innovative training in both clinical medicine and public health
  • In depth training in public health that provides the skills needed to reduce death and disability at the population level
  • Two years of study at the Miami campus followed by two years at our regional medical campus in Palm Beach and Broward Counties working in our community teaching hospitals and clinics and with Department of Health professionals and faculty physicians in community settings
  • Sustainable partnerships that provide opportunities to assess and improve public health, working with Public Health physicians in clinical and public health activities during clinical rotations
  • Opportunities for community-based research to complete the required special project for the MPH degree (capstone)

Curriculum Requirements - Medicine

MDR 550CMC Introduction to the Medical Profession3
MDR 551CMC Fundamentals of Biomedical Science I8
MDR 552CMC Integration of Public Health and Medicine 11
MDR 553CMC Physicianship Skills I2
MDR 554CMC Fundamentals of Biomedical Science II5
MDR 555CMC Fundamentals of Biomedical Science III6
MDR 556CMC Integration of Public Health and Medicine 22
MDR 557CMC Physicianship Skills II3
MDR 558CMC Neuroscience and Behavioral Science9
MDR 559CMC Cardiovascular System7
MDR 650CMC Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition5
MDR 651CMC Respiratory System5
MDR 652CMC Renal System5
MDR 653CMC Inflammation and Infectious Disease4
MDR 654CMC Hematology and Oncology5
MDR 655CMC Endocrinology and Reproductive System5
MDR 656CMC Integration of Public Health and Medicine 35.5
MDR 657CMC Physicianship Skills 35
MDR 659CMC Dermatology and Ophthalmology2
MDR 756RMC Core Integrated Internal Medicine Clerkship12
MDR 757JFK Neurology Clerkship4
MDR 758RMC Core Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship6
MDR 759RMC Core Pediatrics Clerkship6
MDR 760RMC Core Psychiatry Clerkship6
MDR 761RMC Core Integrated Surgery Clerkship12
MDR 764RMC Core Family Medicine Clerkship6
MDR 765RMC Community Public Health Practicum2
MDR 805Geriatrics: Morse Center Palm Beach2
MDR 990HCH Emergency Medicine Clerkship4
MDR 1003Public Health Sub-Internship4
MDR 1030Transition to Clinical Rotations1
Sub-Internship A or B4
800+ Elective14
Total Credit Hours170.5

Sub-Internship A Options

MDR 819Family Medicine Sub-I4
MDR 847JMH Medicine Sub-I4
MDR 857Maternal Fetal Medicine Sub-I4
MDR 892Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Sub-I4
MDR 897Pediatrics Sub-I4
MDR 958UMH Medicine Sub-I4
MDR 959JFK Medicine Sub-I4
MDR 961MIA VAMC Medicine Sub-I4
MDR 1028HCH Medicine Sub-I4

Sub-Internship B Options

MDR 852Neurosurgery Sub-I4
MDR 856Gynecologic Oncology Sub-I4
MDR 863Orthopedic Trauma Sub-I4
MDR 875Otolaryngology Sub-I4
MDR 917Burn Unit Sub-I4
MDR 919Cardiothoracic Surgery Sub-I4
MDR 920General Surgery EI Sub-I4
MDR 921General Surgery EII Sub-I4
MDR 922General Surgery EIII Sub-I4
MDR 927Pediatric Surgery Sub-I4
MDR 937Urology Sub-I4
MDR 941HCH Cardiothoracic Surgery Sub-I4
MDR 943General Surgery E IV Sub-I4
MDR 944MIA VAMC General Surgery Sub-I4
MDR 948JFK Surgery Sub-I4
MDR 1029Plastic Surgery SUB-I4

Elective Options

Electives may include any 800+ level course EXCEPT the following:
MDR 805Geriatrics: Morse Center Palm Beach2
MDR 812Emergency Medicine Clerkship4
MDR 909Radiology Clerkship4
MDR 957Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine Clerkship4
MDR 990HCH Emergency Medicine Clerkship4
MDR 1003Public Health Sub-Internship4
MDR 1030Transition to Clinical Rotations1

Curriculum Requirements - Public Health

EPH 600Introduction to Public Health3
EPH 603Medical Biostatistics3
EPH 617Disease Prevention and Health Promotion3
EPH 621Fundamentals of Epidemiology3
EPH 641Aspects of Environmental Health3
EPH 651Research Methods3
EPH 652Health Policy3
EPH 653Leading Changes in Public Health3
EPH 655Health Economics and Financing3
EPH 660Public Health Seminar3
EPH 680Practical Field Experience3
EPH 681Capstone Experience Project3
Total Credit Hours36

Plan of Study - Medical

Plan of Study Grid
Year OneCredit Hours
MDR 550 CMC Introduction to the Medical Profession 3
MDR 551 CMC Fundamentals of Biomedical Science I 8
MDR 552 CMC Integration of Public Health and Medicine 1 1
MDR 553 CMC Physicianship Skills I 2
MDR 554 CMC Fundamentals of Biomedical Science II 5
MDR 555 CMC Fundamentals of Biomedical Science III 6
MDR 556 CMC Integration of Public Health and Medicine 2 2
MDR 557 CMC Physicianship Skills II 3
MDR 558 CMC Neuroscience and Behavioral Science 9
MDR 559 CMC Cardiovascular System 7
 Credit Hours46
Year Two
MDR 650 CMC Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition 5
MDR 651 CMC Respiratory System 5
MDR 652 CMC Renal System 5
MDR 653 CMC Inflammation and Infectious Disease 4
MDR 654 CMC Hematology and Oncology 5
MDR 655 CMC Endocrinology and Reproductive System 5
MDR 656 CMC Integration of Public Health and Medicine 3 5.5
MDR 657 CMC Physicianship Skills 3 5
MDR 659 CMC Dermatology and Ophthalmology 2
 Credit Hours41.5
Year Three
MDR 756 RMC Core Integrated Internal Medicine Clerkship 12
MDR 758 RMC Core Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship 6
MDR 759 RMC Core Pediatrics Clerkship 6
MDR 760 RMC Core Psychiatry Clerkship 6
MDR 761 RMC Core Integrated Surgery Clerkship 12
MDR 764 RMC Core Family Medicine Clerkship 6
MDR 1030 Transition to Clinical Rotations 1
 Credit Hours49
Year Four
MDR 757 JFK Neurology Clerkship 4
MDR 765 RMC Community Public Health Practicum 2
MDR 805 Geriatrics: Morse Center Palm Beach 2
MDR 990 HCH Emergency Medicine Clerkship 4
MDR 1003 Public Health Sub-Internship 4
Sub-Internship A or B 4
800+ Elective 14
 Credit Hours34
 Total Credit Hours170.5

Plan of Study - Public Health

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Fall ICredit Hours
EPH 600 Introduction to Public Health 1 3
EPH 603 Medical Biostatistics 3
EPH 621 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
 Credit Hours9
Spring I
EPH 617 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 3
EPH 680 Practical Field Experience 3
 Credit Hours6
Year Two
EPH 641 Aspects of Environmental Health 3
 Credit Hours3
EPH 655 Health Economics and Financing 3
 Credit Hours3
EPH 651 Research Methods 3
EPH 652 Health Policy 3
EPH 653 Leading Changes in Public Health 3
 Credit Hours9
Year Four
EPH 660 Public Health Seminar 3
EPH 681 Capstone Experience Project 3
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours36