Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance is to:

  • Provide students the highest quality of education available in the areas of vocal performance and musicianship that will provide them the skills required to lead to professional performance careers as classical singers;
  • Stimulate the student's awareness and artistic creativity in the filed of vocal performance;
  • Provide students public performance opportunities in a supportive and encouraging environment;
  • Provide students the writing and research skills needed in order to adequately prepare them for study at the doctoral level;
  • Provide career development opportunities through direct connections with professionals in the field, including directors, conductors, coaches, and other relevant individuals as chosen by the voice faculty.

Admission Requirements

The candidate must demonstrate the ability to sing in English, French, German, and Italian; be knowledgeable of the more difficult arias of opera and oratorio and of recitative in both the free and measured forms; have a thorough acquaintance with the general song literature; and be able to present a creditable recital.

Languages: If Italian (1 year), German and French (1 year of each or one semester of each) have not been completed upon entering the Master of Music in Vocal Performance degree, language courses can be taken at UM, but at the undergraduate level only. These courses/credits will not count toward the MM degree requirements. The student must show equivalent credit hours before graduation:

  • Two semesters of college-level Italian
  • Two semesters of college-level French
  • Two semesters of college-level German

Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
Applied Lessons8
Performance Ensembles 14
MVP 652Vocal Prfrm Prep4
MVP 738Advanced Vocal Pedagogy3
or MVP 736 Voice Disorders
MVP 812Master's Recital1
MVP 805Masters Project1
Artist Development Courses3
The Teaching Artist
Arts Leadership
World of the Working Musician
Media Creation
Peak Performance Strategies for Musicians
Communication, Marketing, and Publicity for the Musical Artist
Approved Electives6
MCY 600 or higher elective
MTC 600 or higher elective
Other Music Electives
Artist Development Courses
MVP 788 Opera Theatre
MVP 710 - 714 Vocal Literature for Teaching
MVP 813 Masters Second Recital 2
Total Credit Hours30