The Intensive Language Institute (ILI)  offers comprehensive language instruction for academic, professional, and personal purposes. The Intensive English Program (IEP), a full-time course of study for international students who wish to pursue university studies in the United States, provides instruction in English language and academic study skills. The ILI offers certificate programs,  language courses and customized language programs. 

The Intensive English Program and Intensive Language Institute are housed in the Division of Continuing and International Education and are located in Allen Hall.  

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program prepares students to successfully participate in the academic environment by providing instruction in English language and academic study skills. Courses are offered at five levels of instruction. Students are given a placement test upon arrival to determine the most appropriate level of study. The skills-based curriculum integrates reading and writing, listening and speaking into one complete program of study. Specialized classes vary by level; focusing on the needs of the language learners. Satisfactory completion of the highest level meets the English language requirement for acceptance to undergraduate programs at the University.

The Intensive English Program is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. 

For further information about the IEP please contact us at 305-284-2754 or   Additional information can be found on 

Intensive Language Institute

The Intensive Language Institute offers specialized English courses in Legal English in several formats.  Both a three week certificate program and a semester long program offered in conjunction with the UM School of Law are available. 

Customized language instructional packages are also offered in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and English as a Second Language throughout the year. Instruction focuses on meaningful communication in the chosen language and is tailored for the participants. Specialized classes may focus on Accent Reduction, Medical Spanish,  and/or Legal English. Customized language courses can take place on or off campus, are tailored for individuals, groups, and organizations, and are built to deliver targeted language training needs. For further information about these programs please contact us at 305-284-2752. 

An Intensive Spanish certificate program is offered several times a year and is an immersion-style Spanish language program.  For further information about the Spanish program please contact us at 305-284-4000.