Required Courses
MSC 111Introduction to Marine Science3
MSC 112Introduction to Marine Science Lab1
Select 12 credit hours of electives in Marine Science: 112
Chemical Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography Laboratory
Physical and Chemical Processes in Coastal Ecosystems
Biological Oceanography
Climate and Global Change
The Earth's Climate: Past and Future
Introduction to Marine Biology
Introduction to Marine Biology Laboratory
Introduction to Marine Geology
Introduction to Physical Oceanography
Introduction to Physical Oceanography Lab
Living Resources of the Ocean
Global Primary Production
Earth's Biogeochemistry
Ecological Genetics
Research Fundamentals
Scientific Programming in the Atmospheric Sciences
Invertebrate Zoology
Biology of Fishes
Biological Oceanographic Techniques
Marine Genomics
Marine Animal Neurophysiology and Behavior
Introduction to Aquaculture
Marine Vertebrate Zoology
Ocean Human Health
Climate Science and Policy
Polar Science and Policy
Survey of Marine Mammals
Life in Moving Fluids
Tropical Coastal Ecosystems: Lab and Field Methods
Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Readings in Marine Science
Field Studies in Marine and Aquatic Science
Marine Field Ornithology
Marine Environmental Toxicology
Marine Organismal and Environmental Health
Marine Conservation Science
Coral Reef Science and Management
Marine Biota and Biogeochemical Cycles
Comparative Ecology of Terrestrial and Marine Systems
Marine Biomedicine
Marine Conservation Genetics
Marine Comparative Immunology Lab
Marine Comparative Immunology
Environmental Physiology: Oxygen, Water, and Ionoregulatory Stress
Approved MSC 372 and 500-level classes offered by the Rosenstiel School
Total Credit Hours16