Program Overview

The Certificate in Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate drawing on courses from the English, History, and Modern Languages and Literatures departments.  Students pursuing the graduate certificate will take a minimum of three digital humanities-focused and/or digital methods courses (9 credit hours). All students pursuing the certificate will be required to take the DH practicum course (MLL 774).  Students may fulfill the additional 6 credits required for the certificate by choosing two other digital humanities or digital methods courses from a list of approved courses offerings.  Students may also petition to use courses outside of the approved course list to fulfill program requirements on an ad-hoc basis. The final requirement is the creation and approval of an online portfolio showcasing projects and research utilizing digital humanist methodologies.

*This program is not eligible for federal or state financial aid. Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment for further assistance.

Curriculum Requirements 

MLL 774Practicum in Digital Humanities3
Complete 6 credits from the following: 6
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Topics in Digital Humanities and Media Studies
Digital Medieval Studies
Special Topics
Contemporary Criticism and Theory
Geographic Information Systems I
Geographic Information Systems II
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Spatial Data Analysis I
Spatial Data Analysis II
Advanced Independent Study in Geography II
Intro to Creative Coding
Mobile Application Development
Building Virtual Worlds
Augmented Reality
Dynamic Data
Immersive Storytelling
Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization
Advanced Infographics and Data Visualization
Infographics and Data Visualization Studio
Total Credit Hours9