Curriculum Requirements

POL 601Budget and Financial Management and Administration3
POL 606Organizational Dynamics and Management3
POL 610Statistics for Politics and Public Administration3
POL 619Introduction to Game Theory for Political Science (Game Theory)3
POL 622Introduction to Graduate Public Administration3
POL 624Non-Profit Organizations: Law, Policy, and Management3
POL 626Administrative Law3
POL 634Applied Policy Analysis3
POL 646Public Policy Process and Implementation3
POL 647Human Resource Management in Public Service3
POL 651Productivity in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors (Productivity improvement in Public and Nonprofit Organizations)3
POL 657Ethical and Manangerial Issues in Government, Business and Non-Profit Organization.3
POL 656Public Service Internship3
POL 658From Electronic Government to Digital Governance3
POL 671Government and Business3
POL 696Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law3
Total Credit Hours48


 The Masters in Public Administration Program: Sample Schedule

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
First SemesterCredit Hours
POL 601 Budget and Financial Management and Administration 3
POL 622 Introduction to Graduate Public Administration 3
POL 696 Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law (Administering Global Governance) 3
POL 696 Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law (Equity and Diversity) 3
 Credit Hours12
Second Semester
POL 610 Statistics for Politics and Public Administration 3
POL 646 Public Policy Process and Implementation 3
POL 654 Politics and Ethics 3
POL 696 Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law ((Policy Analysis)) 3
 Credit Hours12
Third Semester
POL 651 Productivity in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors 3
 Credit Hours3
Year Two
Fourth Semester
POL 619 Introduction to Game Theory for Political Science 3
POL 647 Human Resource Management in Public Service 3
POL 658 From Electronic Government to Digital Governance 3
POL 671 Government and Business 3
 Credit Hours12
Fifth Semester
POL 606 Organizational Dynamics and Management 3
POL 624 Non-Profit Organizations: Law, Policy, and Management 3
POL 656 Public Service Internship 3
 Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours48


The Masters of Public Administration program seeks to provide the highest quality graduate education for current and prospective public service officials in government and nonprofit organizations. The program strives to achieve local, state and national prominence through a contemporary curriculum, innovative instruction, scholarly and applied research, and service to key stakeholders. Program activities are designed to develop and enhance management skills essential to public and nonprofit organizations oriented towards a diverse metropolitan environment.


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students should be able to demonstrate critical analytical and writing skills related to public policy and administration by the time they graduate.
  • Students will demonstrate oral communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate analytical competencies acquired through internships.