An interdisciplinary M.S. degree program in Environmental Health and Safety is offered through the Department of Industrial Engineering in collaboration with the School of Medicine. These programs of study are individually structured to fit the student’s interests and career objectives.

The program will consist of a 36 credit hours in the areas of environmental health and safety.

Admission Requirements

A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0

 Curriculum Requirements

Core Courses
EPH 601Medical Biostatistics I4
EPH 602Biostatistics II3
or IEN 712 Design of Experiments
EPH 621Fundamentals of Epidemiology3
EPH 641Environmental Health3
IEN 657Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering3
IEN 757Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics3
IEN 651Accident Prevention Systems3
or EPH 617 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
IEN 794Master's Project3
Electives 11
Total Credit Hours36

Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
EPH 601 Medical Biostatistics I 4
IEN 657 Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering 3
IEN 763 Project Management Techniques 3
 Credit Hours10
EPH 621 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
EPH 641 Environmental Health 3
IEN 757 Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics 3
 Credit Hours9
Year Two
EPH 617 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 3
IEN 613 Quality Management in Service Organizations 3
IEN 712 Design of Experiments 3
 Credit Hours9
IEN 670 Engineering Management 3
IEN 794 Master's Project 3
HMP 655 Public Policy and Health 2
 Credit Hours8
 Total Credit Hours36


The Department of Industrial Engineering’s mission is to provide contemporary and relevant industrial and systems engineering education and research; impart knowledge and skills necessary to design and to improve a variety of manufacturing and service processes; promote life-long learning; and contribute to emerging societal needs.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge and methodology to advanced problems in Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to write effectively about advanced Environmental Health and Safety topics.
  • Graduates will have an ability to present their findings effectively about advanced Environmental Health and Safety topics.