The University of Miami Herbert Business School offers a joint M.D./M.B.A. degree program in partnership with the Miller School of Medicine. The business curriculum prepares future physicians for the business complexities related to running a private medical practice or heading a group practice, as well as prepare medical students for careers in health sector management, leadership and policy.

The M.D./M.B.A. program adds an additional year to the four-year medical school curriculum. The M.B.A. coursework ranges from financial reporting and corporate strategy to the legal aspects of health administration.

MD/MBA candidates have the option of choosing a Research Track (project based which provides practical hands on experience) or an Elective Track (provides business electives). Please refer to the curriculum for details.

Questions about the M.D. portion of the program should be directed to the Associate Dean for Medical Education/Administration, Amar Deshpande, M.D. at the Miller School of Medicine, ADeshpande@med.miami.edu, while questions about the MBA portion should be directed to Admission Advisors at the Miami Herbert Business School, 305-284-2510 or mba@miami.edu.

M.D. students are required to submit a Full-Time MBA online application to be considered for the M.D./M.B.A. Program.

The application deadline for this program is April 1st of each year.

To obtain detailed program admission information, please reference the program brochure which can be requested by contacting the Office of Recruiting and Admissions at 305-284-2510 or visit our website.

Admission Requirements

  • Completed application for admission submitted through BusinessCAS
  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
    • Official academic transcripts from all previously attended post-secondary institutions must be submitted directly to BusinessCAS
    • International applicants must have their educational credentials from institutions outside of the United States verified by an approved international credentialing evaluation service such as World Education Services to confirm degree equivalency and GPA calculation.
  • A personal statement and short-answer response to the supplemental essay prompt as outlined within the BusinessCAS application.
  • A current resume
  • At least one letter of recommendation (up to three allowed) may be submitted through the BusinessCAS portal by including recommender contacts within the Program Materials section of the application.
  • Official GMAT score to be sent directly to the University of Miami Herbert Business School by using the locator code below.
    • GMAT Institution Code is 7NV-S1-92
  • An official TOEFL or IELTS score is required as proof of English proficiency for international  applicants who did not receive a degree in the United States or a foreign country where English is the primary language. The following minimum score is required for admission to a graduate business degree program.
    • TOEFL - 94 or above (iBT only)
    • IELTS - 7.0 or above
  • If you do not yet have a GMAT score or TOEFL or IELTS score (international candidates only), you may complete and submit your application prior to taking the exam by indicating your approximate date within the Standardized Tests tab in the Academic History section. Select “Add Test Score” by the relevant test, then indicate that you have not yet taken the exam and add your estimated test date in the section provided.
  • We encourage candidates to upload unofficial transcripts with their BusinessCAS application in order to expedite the review of their file while official documents are processed.


Connect with Miami Herbert Business School’s graduate enrollment advisors at (305) 284-2510 or by email at mba@miami.edu.

Curriculum Requirements - MD/MBA

MD Requirements (136 credits)
Phase 1: Pre-Clerkship
MDR 550Introduction to the Medical Profession3
MDR 526Biomedical Principles of Health I5
MDR 527Biomedical Principles of Health II5
MDR 531Medicine as a Profession 14
MDR 532Medicine as a Profession 24
MDR 533Medicine as a Profession 31
MDR 520Symptoms, Signs, and Disease 13
MDR 521Symptoms, Signs, and Disease 24
MDR 522Symptoms, Signs, and Disease 36
MDR 523Symptoms, Signs, and Disease 43
MDR 524Symptoms, Signs, and Disease 56
MDR 525Symptoms, Signs, and Disease 65
Phase 2: Integrated Clerkships
MDR ### Transition to Clerkship1
MDR 715Integrated Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology12
MDR 716Integrated Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesiology12
MDR 717Integrated Medicine12
MDR 718Integrated Psychiatry, Neurology, and Family Medicine12
MDR ### Medicine as a Profession Clerkships 11
MDR ### Medicine as a Profession Clerkships 23
MDR ### Medicine as a Profession Clerkships 32
Phase 3: Advanced
MDR ### Sub-Internship4
MDR ### Clinical Selective4
MDR ### Integrated Science Selective4
MDR ### Critical Care Selective2
MDR ### Transition to Residency 2
MDR ### Specialty Boot Camp2
MBA Requirements (44 credits including concentration)
MGT 698Selected Topics (Health Organizational and Managerial Ethics)1
ACC 670Financial Reporting and Analysis2
ACC 671Accounting for Decision Making2
BTE 610Digital Transformation2
BUS 698
Selected Topics
ECO 693Applied Managerial Economics1
FIN 641Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
FIN 642The Financial Environment2
MAS 617Statistics and Data Analysis2
MAS 632Management Science Models for Decision Making2
MGT 607Improving Business Processes1
MGT 608Leading with Insight2
MGT 609Leading with Introspection2
MGT 622High Performance Teams2
MGT 623Human Resource Systems2
MGT 677Corporate Strategy and Organization2
MKT 620Addressing Customer Markets2
MGT 698 Current Topics in Health1
Health Management & Policy Concentration
BSL 685Legal Aspects of Health Administration2
HMP 601Essentials of Health Care Administration2
HMP 640Health and Medical Decision Making2
HMP 655Public Policy and Health2
HMP 684Analysis of Health Care Delivery and Policy2
MKT 643Health Care Marketing2
Total Credit Hours180

MD/MBA Plan of Study

Students will follow the plan of study listed on the MD program curriculum tab integrating with the MBA plan of study below.

MBA Plan of Study

MBA courses are integrated into the NextGenMD curriculum to allow for MD students to complete both degree programs .

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
BUS 698 Introduction to the MBA Experience 2
HMP 601 Essentials of Health Care Administration 2
MGT 698 Health Care Organizational and Managerial Ethics 1
 Credit Hours5
MGT 608 Leading with Insight 2
 Credit Hours2
MAS 617 Statistics and Data Analysis 2
ACC 670 Financial Reporting and Analysis 2
MGT 622 High Performance Teams 2
FIN 641 Valuation and Financial Decision Making 2
BTE 610 Digital Transformation 2
FIN 642 The Financial Environment 2
 Credit Hours12
Year Three
MGT 607 Improving Business Processes 1
HMP 655 Public Policy and Health 2
MGT 623 Human Resource Systems 2
 Credit Hours5
Year Four
ECO 693 Applied Managerial Economics 1
MAS 632 Management Science Models for Decision Making 2
BSL 685 Legal Aspects of Health Administration 2
MKT 620 Addressing Customer Markets 2
ACC 671 Accounting for Decision Making 2
MGT 609 Leading with Introspection 2
MKT 643 Health Care Marketing 2
 Credit Hours13
HMP 640 Health and Medical Decision Making 2
HMP 684 Analysis of Health Care Delivery and Policy 2
MGT 677 Corporate Strategy and Organization 2
MGT 698 Current Topics in Health 1
 Credit Hours7
 Total Credit Hours44

Concentration in Health Management & Policy

*Subject to change by Academic Director

MAS 633 and 634:  Those that wish to pursue these two electives would be required to make the following adjustments:

  • MAS 632 – Take in spring 2023 w/FTMBA.  Course is taught term one & two - (1 credit) per term
  • MAS 633 – Take in place of MAS 632 in fall 2023/term one as an extra course.  
  • MAS 634 – Take in fall 2023/term two.  As an extra course or possible replacement of MKT 643 – Health Care Marketing