The growing potential to make life-saving discoveries in an ever-changing global economy make this an exciting time to enhance your biomedical science PhD with an MBA! Many ambitious students are now looking to an MBA as a useful enhancement to their biomedical research experience and expand their career options.

An MBA is an investment in the future careers of biomedical graduate students. We know our alums will be future college presidents, department chairs, entrepreneurs, government officials, patent holders and CEOs of biomedical companies. This program will ensure they leave us not only as cutting-edge scientists, but also prepared for the leadership challenges they will face regardless of what lies ahead.

Regardless of career trajectory, PhDs can benefit from pursuing a business education. From a practical standpoint, the managerial skills, business acumen and financial literacy one develops from an MBA program are useful for managing labs, staff, grants or even starting a business. The biomedical industry and higher education are increasingly influenced by legal issues and shifting healthcare policy, both of which are covered by the MBA curriculum. Students will expand their networks by taking classes alongside CEO’s and business leaders enrolled in the Executive MBA program. 

The immediate financial advantages of a PhD / MBA option at UM are substantial. Not only will accepted students receive 100% tuition waivers for the doctoral portion of their studies, they will receive shared credit savings and a 50% scholarship from the School of Business Administration for their MBA. In the long-term, students with MBA’s can expect to have greater earnings over the lifetime of their careers.

Contact Information

Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Rosenstiel Medical Sciences Building, Suite 1128
1600 NW 10th Avenue, M857
Miami, FL 33136
305 243 1094

Curriculum Requirements

PhD students in the biomedical sciences programs at the Miller School of Medicine may choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree immediately following their doctoral studies. The MBA portion of the sequential degree may be completed in one year and consists of 44 MBA credits. The degrees must be obtained sequentially.

PhD Requirements60
See individual programs for full curriculum.
PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
PhD in Cancer Biology
PhD in Human Genetics and Genomics
PhD in Microbiology and Immunology
PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
PhD in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology
PhD in Neuroscience
PhD in Physiology and Biophysics
MBA Requirements (44 credit hours)
ACC 670Financial Reporting and Analysis2
ACC 671Accounting for Decision Making2
BSL 685Legal Aspects of Health Administration3
BTE 610Digital Transformation2
BUS 603Critical Thinking and Effective Speaking1
BUS 604Career Development and Enrichment1
ECO 685Managerial Decisions in a Global Economy2
FIN 641Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
HMP 601Essentials of Health Care Administration2
HMP 655Public Policy and Health2
HMP 687Health Care Organization, Economics, and Ethics3
MAS 632Management Science Models for Decision Making2
MGT 620Managing Through People2
MGT 643Principles of Operations Management2
MGT 658Innovative Business Strategies for Future Leaders3
MGT 675Business Policy and Strategy2
MKT 640Foundations of Marketing Management2
Total Credit Hours104

Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Fall ICredit Hours
ACC 670 Financial Reporting and Analysis 2
BUS 604 Career Development and Enrichment 1
ECO 685 Managerial Decisions in a Global Economy 2
MGT 675 Business Policy and Strategy 2
Electives 4
 Credit Hours11
Fall II
ACC 671 Accounting for Decision Making 2
BSL 685 Legal Aspects of Health Administration 3
BUS 603 Critical Thinking and Effective Speaking 1
MGT 620 Managing Through People 2
Elective 2
MGT 658 Innovative Business Strategies for Future Leaders 3
 Credit Hours13
 Total Credit Hours24
Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Spring ICredit Hours
BUS 604 Career Development and Enrichment 0-1
FIN 641 Valuation and Financial Decision Making 2
HMP 601 Essentials of Health Care Administration 1-4
HMP 687 Health Care Organization, Economics, and Ethics 3
MAS 632 Management Science Models for Decision Making 2
MKT 640 Foundations of Marketing Management 2
 Credit Hours10-14
Spring II
BTE 610 Digital Transformation 2
HMP 655 Public Policy and Health 1-4
MGT 643 Principles of Operations Management 2
Electives 4
 Credit Hours9-12
 Total Credit Hours19-26

Total Credit Hours for Plan of Study 44

Admission Requirements

Prescreening by OGPS

PhD students wishing to enroll in the PhD/MBA program should notify the Director of the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) and the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies and the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies at the MSOM of their desire to apply no later than January 3 each year. OGPS will verify students have GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores at the 80th percentile or better and are in good standing. Students who need prescreening criteria will be notified they may apply for admission to the MBA program. Names of approved students will be communicated to the Director of Graduate Business Programs at the Miami Herbert Business School.

GMAT Requirement

PhD students must take the GMAT. GRE scores will not be accepted. Applicants must obtain a score of at least 660.

Application Process

Students must apply to the program by March 15th each year. Contact the OGPS for more information at