Minor Area of Specialization in Health Management and Policy (People & Society)

The purpose of the minor in Health Management and Policy is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the organizational, management, economic, and financial structure, as well as the legal, ethical, and governmental policy of the health care industry. Appropriate candidates for this minor will include students interested in: exploring the health care sector; working in the legal, management, or policy making aspects of the health care sector; or those wanting to have an augmentation to their health sciences, nursing, pre-med, pre-law or pre-MBA, MHA, MPA, MPH studies.

Non-Business students in the other schools and colleges of the University of Miami, may pursue the minor in Health Management and Policy by officially declaring the minor at their home school or college and completing the coursework specified below. Interested students, before declaring the minor, should consult with an academic advisor in the School or College of their degree/major to determine if the minor in Health Management and Policy is acceptable.  If so, neither advice nor consent from either the Office of Undergraduate Business Education or the Department of Health Management and Policy is necessary. 

Curriculum Requirements

The 12-credit-hour minor for in Health Management and Policy for Non-Business Students consists of four courses--- two required and two minor choice courses---as indicated below (all courses must be taken within the current pre-requisite structure).

Foundational Course
HMP 270Introduction to Health Management and Policy 13
Required Course
HMP 320Health Care Demand and Supply 23
or HMP 350 Production and Consumption of Health and Health Care
Choice Courses for the Minor
Select two courses (6 credit hours) from the following:6
Population Health (pre-requisite HMP 270)
Applied Health Policy for Business
Applied Health Policy
Health Care Marketing
Health Care Law and Ethics
Special Topics in Health Management and Policy
Special Topics in Health Management and Policy
U.S. Health Care Crisis: Politics and Policies
Total Credit Hours12

HMP 270, foundational for the Health Management and Policy minor, is a pre-requiste for all other HMP courses. 


Non-business who do not meet the pre-requisites to take HMP 350 should take HMP 320 instead.  No student should take both ECO 386 and HMP 320 or HMP 350.


Note:  All specific coursework for the minor in Health Management and Policy must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.  A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for all specific coursework taken in the minor area of specialization.  No one course may count toward more than one major or minor area of specialization.