The School of Communication offers a 15-credit Minor in Communication Literacy.

Communication literacy addresses problems associated with a culture highly saturated with information from both mass-mediated and interpersonal sources. Students acquire critical communication competencies by developing the ability to evaluate the authenticity, accuracy, credibility, intent and clarity of messages, bridging news and public affairs, popular culture, intercultural communication, advertising, information graphics, social media and video games. These competencies in critical analysis will shape the nature of civic engagement as well as production, consumption and research into mediated content.

Communication literacy combines and extends the domains of media literacy, news literacy, data literacy, visual literacy and ludoliteracy. 

Curriculum Requirements

Core Courses
CIM 101Internet, Media, and Society3
or JMM 102 Understanding Media and Content in the Digital Age
COM 102Introduction to Communications Literacy3
Three additional courses chosen from the following list:9
Nonfiction Film and Digital Media
Global Issues and Filmmaking: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Women, Media, and Popular Culture
Race and/as Media
Introduction to Game Studies
Internet and Media Activism
Design with AI
Interracial Communication
Argumentation and Critical Thinking
Storytelling with Data
Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization
Media Relations
Social Media Analytics
Other School of Communication courses as approved by a department advisor in SoC
Total Credit Hours15