A student seeking a minor in the general area of Communication must complete 15 credit hours, at least six of which must be at the 300-level or above.  

  • This minor cannot be taken by students with a major in the School of Communication.
  • Courses for this minor must be taken from the departments of Cinematic Arts, Communication Studies, Interactive Media, Journalism and Media Management and Strategic Communication. Course prefixes include: CCA, COS, CIM, JMM and STC.
  • Each course taken for a Communication minor must be completed with a grade of C or higher (a grade of C- or lower is not acceptable).
  • At least 9 credit hours towards the minor must be completed at UM.

Curriculum Requirements

Must complete a maximum of 9 credits at the 100 or 200 level in School of Communication electives: 19
Department of Cinematic Arts (CCA)
Survey of Motion Pictures
Introduction to Screenwriting
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
Department of Interactive Media (CIM)
Web Lab
Interaction Design
User Experience Design
School of Communication (COM)
Mass Media Communication in Society
Freedom of Expression and Communication Ethics
Department of Communication Studies (COS)
Interpersonal Communication
Public Speaking
Communication Theory
Department of Journalism & Media Management (JMM)
Understanding Media and Content in the Digital Age
Visual Design
Writing for the Digital Age
Introduction to Documentary Photography
Television Performance
Introduction to Electronic Media Production
Applied Statistics for Journalism and Media Management
Department of Strategic Communication (STC)
Graphic Design for Strategic Communication
Statistical Reasoning for Strategic Communication
Principles of Advertising
Principles of Public Relations
Advertising Strategy Development
Public Relations Strategy Development
Advanced Graphic Design for Advertising
Advanced Graphic Design for Public Relations
Creative Advertising Concepts and Copywriting
Writing for Public Relations
Writing for Advertising Account Management
Must complete a minimum of 6 credits at the 300 level or above in School of Communication courses 2,36
Department of Cinematic Arts (CCA)
Intermediate Screenwriting
Writing for Series Television
Essentials of Documentary Film
Business of Motion Pictures
Special Topics in Cinematic Arts
Nonfiction Film and Digital Media
Global Issues and Filmmaking: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Film Directors
Aspects of Contemporary Cinema
Representations of Sport in Popular Culture
National Cinemas
Women, Media, and Popular Culture
Legal Aspects of Motion Pictures
Science Documentary: Autism
Documentary Production
Department of Interactive Media (CIM)
Introduction to Game Design
Internet and Media Activism
Designing Games for Impact
Special Topics in Interactive Media
Department of Communication Studies (COS)
Advanced Oral Advocacy
The Power of Dialogue
Small Group Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Health Communication
Communication in Health Organization
Sports As Communication
Conflict Management
Business Communication
Political Communication
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Argumentation and Critical Thinking
Special Topics in Communication Studies
Organizational Communication
Patient-Provider Communication
Health Behavior and Risk
Intercultural Communication: International Perspectives
Intercultural Communication: Domestic Perspectives
Advanced Special Topics in Communication Studies
Department of Journalism & Media Management (JMM)
Journalism Practicum (Must take 3 times with permission of instructor)
Special Topics in Journalism and Media Management
Mobile Journalism
Storytelling with Data
History of Journalism
Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization
Web Design
Latinos and the Media
Sports and the Media
Special Topics in Journalism and Media Management
Department of Strategic Communication (STC)
Ethics in Strategic Communication
Travel and Tourism
Social Media Messaging and Strategies
Digital and Mobile Advertising
International Advertising
Crisis Communication and Management
Media Relations
Cases in Public Relations Administration
Sports, Publicity, and Promotions
Public Relations Management
Corporate Communication and Public Relations
International Public Relations
Special Topics in Advertising
Special Topics in Public Relations
Total Credit Hours15