The Intensive Language Institute (ILI)  offers comprehensive language instruction for academic, professional, and personal purposes. It is part of the Division of Continuing and International Education.  Our offices are located in 111 Allen Hall.  Inquires about any of our programs may be directed to 305-284-2752.  

Intensive English Program (IEP)

The Intensive English Program prepares students to successfully participate in the academic environment by providing instruction in English language and academic study skills. Courses are offered at five levels of instruction.  Students are given a placement test upon arrival to determine the most appropriate level of study.  The skills-based curriculum integrates reading and writing, listening and speaking into one complete program of study. Specialized classes vary by level focusing on the needs of the language learners. Satisfactory completion of the highest level meets the English language requirement for acceptance to undergraduate programs at the University.

The Intensive English Program was founded in 1951 and is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation.  Additional information can be found at or by writing to  

Customized Language Courses

Customized language instructional packages are offered in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and English as a Second Language throughout the year. Instruction focuses on meaningful communication in the chosen language and is tailored for the participants. Specialized classes may focus on fluency/conversation, accent reduction, TOEFL preparation, medical Spanish, business English and/or legal English. Customized language courses can take place on or off campus, are tailored for individuals, groups, and organizations, and are built to deliver targeted language training needs. For more information about Customized language courses please visit  

Intensive Legal English

Our Intensive Legal English courses are part of a three-semester program designed for students who need to improve their English proficiency before they embark on studying for their International Law LL.M. with a specialization in U.S. and Transnational Law for Foreign Lawyers.  During their first semester, students take coursework in English and Law before enrolling full time in their LL.M. program during their subsequent semesters.  Applicants who meet all admission requirements other than the English Language Proficiency requirement will be considered for admission.  See for more information.  

English for Graduate Business Studies

The English for Graduate Business Studies program is an intensive English program designed to prepare international students for the rigors of a graduate business school environment.  This 4–week intensive program is specifically designed to refine the oral communication and writing skills of international students with an advanced level of English who have been admitted to a graduate program at the Miami Business School.  This program is offered during the summer semester prior to the start to of the fall term at the Miami Business School.  The classes will provide a review of and practice with English writing, speaking and listening skills, which are essential for success in Business School and in the practice of business in general. In this program, students will develop their English expression by exploring issues facing contemporary, multicultural, business decision makers, while developing their ability to meaningfully make evaluations and clearly and persuasively communicate those recommendations to a variety of stakeholders.  For more information about this English program, please contact 305-284-2752 or visit  

English for Graduate Engineering Studies 

The English for Graduate Engineering Studies program is designed to provide additional English language preparation for international students who are conditionally admitted into a professional MS program in the College of Engineering.  This 4–week intensive program is specifically designed to enhance the oral communication and writing skills of participants to provide them with additional language skills in order to be highly successful in their professional MS Engineering program.   The 4-week program runs during the month of July, prior to the start of the fall term in the College of Engineering.  For more information about this English program, please contact 305-284-2752.  

International Teaching Assistants Program

The Intensive English Program tests the spoken English proficiency of all incoming international teaching assistants for the University of Miami before they are assigned a teaching load. The SPEAK test, the institutional form of the Test of Spoken English (TSE) is a recorded and timed test developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is used in this assessment. Students who do not successfully pass the SPEAK test are eligible to demonstrate their spoken English through a teaching demonstration before a panel. They are also eligible to take an English course specifically developed for graduate teaching assistants. This course is taught in a blended format each semester, depending on demand, and is designed to improve English oral communication and presentation skills.  To register for this course, please contact the Intensive English Program at 305-284-2752 or visit  

Intensive Spanish Program

An accelerated Spanish language certificate program is offered several times a year. For further information about the Spanish program please contact us at 305-284-2752 or visit