Not everyone needs or wants a complete degree program. Recognizing this, the DCIE - in cooperation with several other colleges and schools of the University - offers special Credit Certificate Programs.

Focusing on a single subject, these certificate programs allow students to concentrate on courses that offer the specific knowledge and skills needed for career advancement. All courses are taught by University of Miami faculty at the undergraduate level and are taken for academic credit hour.

Each certificate program varies in the number of required credit hours. While required courses are noted, students may work with an advisor in developing an individually-designed program.

If accepted to the Credit Certificate Program (CCP)  a student will acknowledge that in order to receive the certificate they must remain continuously enrolled in the Credit Certificate Program Plan earning the required number of credits/courses.  If a student becomes enrolled in another academic program plan (graduate or undergraduate) before completing the Credit Certificate Program the student will automatically be discontinued in the Credit Certificate Program and will no longer be eligible to receive the Certificate.

*This program is not eligible for federal or state financial aid. Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment for further assistance.