Curriculum Requirements

Engineering Courses
CAE 210Mechanics of Solids I3
ECE 201Electrical Circuit Theory3
ECE 204Electrical Circuits Laboratory1
ECE 305Electronics I3
IEN 311Applied Probability and Statistics3
MAE 111Introduction to Engineering I3
MAE 112Introduction to Engineering II2
MAE 202Dynamics3
MAE 207Mechanics of Solids II3
MAE 241Measurements Laboratory3
MAE 301Engineering Materials Science3
MAE 302Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
MAE 303Thermodynamics3
MAE 309Fluid Mechanics3
MAE 412System Dynamics3
Applied Elective3
Technical Elective3
Math and Science Courses
MTH 151Calculus I for Engineers5
MTH 162Calculus II4
MTH 210Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MTH 310Multivariable Calculus3
MTH 311Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations3
CHM 121Principles of Chemistry4
CHM 113Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHM 221Introduction to Structure and Dynamics4
CHM 114Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHM 201Organic Chemistry I (Lecture)3
CHM 205Chemical Dynamics Laboratory1
CHM 360Physical Chemistry I (Lecture)3
PHY 221University Physics I3
PHY 222University Physics II3
PHY 223University Physics III3
PHY 224University Physics II Lab1
PHY 225University Physics III Lab1
PHY 350Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism3
PHY 351Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism II3
or CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II (Lecture)
PHY 360Introduction to Modern Physics3
Additional Requirements
ENG 105English Composition I3
ENG 107English Composition II: Science and Technology3
Arts and Humanities Cognate9
People and Society Cognate9
Total Credit Hours127

Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
FallCredit Hours
MAE 111 Introduction to Engineering I 3
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers 5
PHY 221 University Physics I 3
 Credit Hours14
MAE 112 Introduction to Engineering II 2
CAE 210 Mechanics of Solids I 3
ENG 107 English Composition II: Science and Technology 3
MTH 162 Calculus II 4
PHY 222 University Physics II 3
PHY 224 University Physics II Lab 1
 Credit Hours16
Sophomore Year
MAE 207 Mechanics of Solids II 3
CHM 121 Principles of Chemistry 4
CHM 113 Chemistry Laboratory I 1
MTH 210 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
HA Cognate (HA Elective) 1 3
PHY 223 University Physics III 3
PHY 225 University Physics III Lab 1
 Credit Hours18
MAE 202 Dynamics 3
ECE 201 Electrical Circuit Theory 3
CHM 221 Introduction to Structure and Dynamics 4
CHM 114 Chemistry Laboratory II 1
MTH 310 Multivariable Calculus 3
PS Cognate (PS Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours17
Junior Year
IEN 311 Applied Probability and Statistics 3
MAE 303 Thermodynamics 3
MTH 311 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
PHY 350 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 3
HA Cognate (HA Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours15
MAE 241 Measurements Laboratory 3
ECE 204 Electrical Circuits Laboratory 1
MAE 309 Fluid Mechanics 3
MAE 301 Engineering Materials Science 3
PS Cognate (PS Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours13
Senior Year
MAE 302 Mechanical Behavior of Materials 3
MAE 412 System Dynamics 3
CHM 360 Physical Chemistry I (Lecture) 3
PHY 360 Introduction to Modern Physics 3
PS Cognate (Adv. PS Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours15
PHY 351 or CHM 202 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism II
or Organic Chemistry II (Lecture)
ECE 305 Electronics I 3
CHM 205 Chemical Dynamics Laboratory 1
Applied Elective 2 3
Technical Elective 3 3
HA Cognate (Adv. HA Elective) 1 3
 Credit Hours16
 Total Credit Hours124