Audition Required-Music Majors Only

Performance Certificates may be awarded to music majors, in non-performance degrees: MED, MIND, MSP, MTY, MTC, MUE, and MUS, who meet the achievement level and standards of a music performance major on a single instrument as offered by the following degree programs: MIP, MVP, MKP, MSJI, and MSJV. Any student wishing to declare a Performance Certificate must audition on an instrument or voice and be approved by the appropriate department. In addition to the Experiential Music Curriculum Core Courses, the following requirements must be met in one of the following tracks: MIP, MVP, MKP, or MSJ. The Music Performance Certificate requires approval by designated departmental faculty. The appropriate performance level must be achieved as determined by the designated departmental faculty or the certificate will not have been earned, even if all courses have been successfully completed. The Music Performance Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of all coursework and final approval of the designated departmental faculty.

* Students who will enroll in a required internship (i.e. student teaching) in their 8th semester may petition the department to perform the senior recital and satisfy the Principal Instrument Lesson & Studio Class degree requirements in their 7th semester.

*This program is not eligible for federal or state financial aid. Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment for further assistance.

Curriculum Requirements

MVP Principal Instrument Lesson & Studio Class (semesters 7-8, 2 credit hours) Level 34
Senior Recital with lesson
Ensembles as assigned (usually 2 per semester)10
MCY 341Music of the Mediaeval, Renaissance, and Baroque Periods (you may substitute MCY 341 for MCY 141 in the EMC core)3
MCY 342Music of the Classical, Romantic, and Modern Periods3
MVP 250Lyric Diction for Singers - English1
MVP 251Lyric Diction for Singers - Italian1
MVP 252Lyric Diction for Singers - German1
MVP 253Lyric Diction for Singers - French1
MCY 522Operatic Literature3
or MCY 525 Art Song Literature
Total Credit Hours27