The MHA program helps students understand business principles and their application to the health care sector. Students enrolled in the Master in Health Administration (MHA) program hone skills in business fundamentals such as finance, accounting, human resources, and process improvement, and gain knowledge in health care specific areas including the structure, organization, policy, and delivery of health care; health economics; and information technology; among others. Students also gain a comprehensive lens through which they can approach solutions in their careers through first-hand experience of daily operations and opportunities to improve processes. Students have access to C-suite leaders in the classroom and other venues. Each student will also have the opportunity to participate in an off-site internship experience. Graduates of the program are prepared to be leaders in the management and administration of health care systems, physician groups, insurance companies, medical device companies and health care facilities. 

Curriculum Requirements

Fall Semester-Term 1
BTE 610Foundations of Management Information Systems2
HSM 601Essentials of Health Care Administration2
HSM 683Professional Skills Development2
Fall Semester-Term 2
FIN 641Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
MGT 623Human Resource Systems2
MAS 631Statistics for Managerial Decision Making2
Spring Semester-Term 1
HSM 640Health and Medical Decision Making2
HSM 684Analysis of Health Care Delivery and Policy2
MKT 640Foundations of Marketing Management2
MGT 677Corporate Strategy and Organization2
Spring Semester-Term 2
HSM 620Population Health2
HSM 655Public Policy and Health2
Summer Semester
HSM 699Health Care Administration Internship4
Fall Semester-Term 1
ACC 665Health Care Financial and Managerial Accounting2
BSL 685Legal Aspects of Health Administration2
MAS 633Introduction to Quality Management2
Fall Semester-Term 2
MAS 634Administrative Systems for Quality Management2
MGT 620Managing Through People2
MKT 643Health Care Marketing2
Total Credit Hours40