The PhD in Biostatistics, offered through the Division of Biostatistics in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Miller School of Medicine, provides a flexible curriculum to cover the basics.

Admitted PhD students are expected to take a full suite of courses including several iterations of the seminar course, a consulting practicum (or advanced computing course), and a series of four to six courses that ensure the candidate has studied a subject matter discipline within biomedical research. PhD students are also expected to take high-level courses in statistical theory, survival analysis, and high-dimensional and complex data not generally taken by MS students. A sample program can be found here. 

PhD students are expected to pass a first-year written diagnostic exam at the end of their first year of study.  A second oral and written exam will be administered at the end of the third year. 

To obtain detailed program curricula on the PhD in Biostatistics, please contact our offices at the address below or visit our website.

For further information, please contact:

Hemant Ishwaran, PhD, Graduate Program Director
Division of Biostatistics
Department of Public Health Sciences (R669)
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
1120 NW 14 Street, Room 1064
Miami, Florida 33136
Tel: 305-243-6312
Fax: 305-243-5544