The PhD in Prevention Science and Community Health will prepare students with the necessary expertise and interdisciplinary background to contribute to 21st century prevention and community health research. Students will be trained in both traditional and innovative areas of prevention science. These include etiology, intervention design and evaluation, innovative data collection and analyses, and implementation science.

The Prevention Science program offers students the unique opportunity to interact with faculty who specialize in all stages of the intervention development and evaluation process, as well as in various methodologies such as community-based participatory research and mixed-methods research.  Program faculty are experts in cultural diversity and health disparities. They are focused on acculturation; cultural predictors of health disparities; and efficacious methods, strategies, and programs for reducing health disparities locally, nationally, and internationally.  Key research areas include:  substance use, HIV, cancer, diabetes, obesity, delinquency and depression. 

All PhD in Prevention Science students are required to complete 75 credit hours.  These include:

  • course courses in intervention design, implementation science and statistics
  • elective coursework
  • the dissertation

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Curriculum Requirements

PRE-REQUISITE: Students entering the PhD program without an earned MPH, MSPH, or equivalent public health degree are required to take these EPH 600 & EPH 621 courses:
Introduction to Public Health (3 cr)
Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3 cr)
EPH 604Clinical Trials3
EPH 617Disease Prevention and Health Promotion3
EPS 622Community Well-being and Change: Theory and Practice3
EPH 623Determinants of Health and Health Disparities Across the Life Course3
EPH 6263
EPH 647Community Based Participatory Research3
EPH 703Advanced Statistical Methods I4
EPH 705Advanced Statistical Methods II3
EPH 717Integrating Behavior Health Theories and Models3
EPH 731Developing, Adapting and Evaluating Interventions3
EPH 732Introduction to Dissemination and Implementation Science3
EPH 752Advanced Research Methods3
NUR 670Qualitative Methods in Research3
PSY 633Structural Equation Modeling3
PSY 634Hierarchical Linear Modeling3
Professional Development Seminars 14
Professional Development Seminar (Course must be taken 4 times at 1 credit each semester)
Innovations in Prevention Science Methodology
Innovations Seminars 24
Doctoral Dissertation
Doctoral Dissertation- Post Candidacy
EPH-600, 700, 800 level courses not already listed
BST-600, 700, 800 level courses not already listed
Total Credit Hours75

1 Students complete the Professional Development Seminar in Years 1 and 2.

2 Students complete the Innovation Seminar in Years 3 and 4.