Curriculum Requirements

Major Area
MED 615Music Education Certification Forum0
MED 762Music Learning and Curriculum3
MED 764Music Assessment3
TAL 606Issues and Strategies for ESOL3
TAL 610Literacy and Learning Strategies in the Content Area3
TAL 612Classroom and Behavior Management3
Final Project
MED 775Practicum in Music Education7
MED 733Seminar for Teaching Associates1
TAL 623Seminar on Teaching1
Other Studies in Music
Non-MED Music Electives (MTC, MCY, MIP, MVP, MKP, MMI, MSJ)9
Music Education Electives
Select from the following Techniques Courses3
MED 740 Woodwind Techniques
MED 741 Brass Techniques
MED 743 String Techniques
MED 744 Vocal Techniques
MED 745 Folk and Modern Instrument Techniques
Elementary Methods Courses*3
MED 642 Teaching General Music
MED 643 Teaching Instrumental Music
Secondary Methods Courses (select 2)*6
MED 643 Teaching Instrumental Music
MED 644 Teaching Modern Music
MED 648 Music for Special Learners**
MED 649 Teaching Vocal Music
Total Credit Hours45

One Elementary and one Secondary Methods course required for certification


May substitute for Secondary Methods course 


A student holding a B.M. degree in music may work toward certification in Music Education concurrently with the M.M. degree in Music Education. The B.M. degree must have included at least 14 credit hours of music performance, 12 credit hours of music theory, 3 credit hours of conducting, 6 credit hours of music history, and credit hours in performance ensembles. The culminating project for this degree takes place within MED 775. This program is approved by the Florida Department of Education and leads to initial certification as a music teacher for grades K-12.