The Doctor of Philosophy program is offered in Music Education, as well as in Music Education with Music Therapy Emphasis. The mission of the Ph.D. program of the Frost School of Music is to:

  • Provide the highest quality of music education and music therapy expertise
  • Foster advancements in music teaching and music therapy practice, music education and music therapy research
  • Serve the music education and music therapy professions as a resource for music teachers and music therapists, the music education/music therapy research community, the education community, and the university community, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Curriculum Requirements

Major Field Core Courses
MED 763Music Research Methods3
MED 780Doctoral Seminar2
MED 781Seminar in Qualitative Research in Music2
or MED 782 Seminar in Quantitative Research in Music
MED 795Doctoral Research Project1
Music Education/Music Therapy Emphasis
Select one of the following Emphases:7
Music Education Emphasis:
Philosophy of Music Education
MED Course(s) by advisement (see electives)
Teaching Music in College
Music Therapy Emphasis:
Advanced Music Therapy Practice I
Advanced Music Therapy Practice II
Music Therapy Seminar
MED 830Doctoral Dissertation12
Other Studies in Music
Select 9 credit hours from MTC, MCY, MMI, MSJ, MIP, MVP, MKP courses9
Ph.D. Research Tools/Cognate
Select 12 credit hours by advisement12
Advisor Approved Electives
Select 12 credit hours of the following:12
Psychology of Music I
International Music Education
Cultural Diversity in Music Education
Vocal Methods and Materials in Music Education
Social Issues Music Learn
Seminar in Instrumental Music Education
Community Music Programs
Music Learning and Curriculum
Music Assessment
Seminar in Music Education
Seminar on Music in Childhood
Seminar in Qualitative Research in Music
Seminar in Quantitative Research in Music
Doctoral Research Project
Total Credit Hours60