Curriculum Requirements

Core Graduate Seminars
ART 604Seminar in Studio Art3
ART 699Exhibition Preparation3
ARH 698Seminar in Contemporary Art3
Additional Requirements
Choose 3 from the following:9
Problems in Art History
Problems in Art History
Museum Studies Seminar
Arts Administration Internship
Seminar in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art
Studio Concentration Courses24
Studio/Other Electives12
ART 810Master's Thesis6
Total Credit Hours60

Studio Concentration Options


ART 6021-6
ART 641Graduate Painting I1-6
ART 642Graduate Painting II1-6
ART 643Graduate Painting III1-6
ART 644Graduate Painting IV1-6
ART 645Graduate Painting V1-6
ART 646Advanced Painting VIII1-6


ART 651Intaglio/Relief1-6
ART 652Lithography1-6
ART 653Silkscreen1-6
ART 655Topics in Printmaking1-6


ART 671Graduate Sculpture I1-6
ART 672Graduate Sculpture II1-6
ART 673Graduate Sculpture III1-6
ART 674Graduate Sculpture IV1-6
ART 675Graduate Sculpture V1-6
ART 676Graduate Sculpture VI1-6


ART 682Contemporary Ceramic Art I1-6
ART 683Contemporary Ceramic Art II1-6
ART 684Contemporary Ceramics Art III1-6
ART 685Contemporary Ceramics Art IV1-6
ART 686Contemporary Ceramic Art V1-6
ART 687Contemporary Ceramic Art VI1-6
ART 688Independent Study in Ceramics/Glass1-6
ART 689Directed Research and Projects in Ceramics/Glass3

Digital Imaging/Photography

ART 630Graduate Digital Photography I1-6
ART 631Graduate Digital Photography II1-6
ART 632Graduate Independent Study in Photography1-6
ART 633Graduate Digital Photography III1-6


The Art Department is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the visual arts by encouraging originality, discovery, creativity, and critical inquiry. The department provides an educationally diverse environment where students can acquire the critical perspectives, historical knowledge, and technical skills that will prepare them for a variety of professional careers in the arts.


Students will acquire the skills needed for careers as practicing artists who can successfully interact with galleries and museums, write grants, attend residencies, sell works of art, and manage expenses and income. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to produce creative, original and quality artwork suited for exhibition.
  • Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the history of art and both traditional and contemporary aesthetic positions.
  • Students will develop their written communication skills.