The 9-month Master of Science in Entrepreneurship degree program is suited for students from all academic backgrounds and disciplines that aspire to launch their own ventures. This 9-month launchpad follows the four-stage startup process of opportunity identification, ideation, testing and developing a business model. Combining theory and experiential learning, this program equips students with the tools, skills, and connections in order to launch their own venture.  

Admissions Requirements

Admission based on academic preparation (GPA); GMAT/GRE not required; and recommendations by faculty or advisors are accepted. Students are required to have a bachelor’s degree. TOEFEL required for international students.

Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses
BSL 693Intellectual Property Law and Innovation (New Course: IP Law and Innovation)2
BTE 614Launching a High Tech Venture (NEW COURSE: Launching High Tech Ventures)2
FIN ## (NEW COURSE: Entrepreneurial Finance) 608 ITW2
MGT 604Design Thinking2
MGT 624Negotiation Strategies2
MGT 626Business Model Innovation Value Creation (NEW COURSE: Business Model Innovation & Value Creation)2
MGT 627Entrepreneurial Strategy (NEW COURSE: Entrepreneurial Strategy)2
MKT 648New Product Development2
The Startup Project4
Start-up Project (The Startup Project)
Total Credit Hours30

Sample Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
BSL 693 Intellectual Property Law and Innovation (IP Law and Innovation ) 2
MGT 604 Design Thinking 2
MGT 626 Business Model Innovation Value Creation (Business Model Innovation & Value Creation) 2
MGT 629 Start-up Project (The Startup Project) 1
MGT 627 Entrepreneurial Strategy (Entrepreneurial Strategy) 2
MGT 629 Start-up Project (The Startup Project) 1
MKT 648 New Product Development 2
Elective 2
 Credit Hours14
FIN ### Entrepreneurial Finance 2
MGT 624 Negotiation Strategies 2
MGT 629 Start-up Project (The Startup Project) 1
Elective 3
BTE 614 Launching a High Tech Venture (Launching High Tech Ventures) 2
MGT 629 Start-up Project (The Startup Project) 1
Elective 3
Elective 2
 Credit Hours16
 Total Credit Hours30


The program seeks to provide students with a hands-on, robust, and sophisticated understanding of the entrepreneurial process of opportunity recognition, ideation, and developing a business model along with the negotiation strategies needed in order to communicate with investors.  

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will successfully apply design thinking methodology
  2. Students will enhance ability to develop a new business model
  3. Students will develop strategic thinking skills on how to position the business
  4. Students will enhance negotiation skills
  5. Students will develop the ability to pitch the new venture idea to investors