This program is designed for J.D. students who have an interest in obtaining a masters in health administration.  It offers students health care specifics including the structure, organization, policy and delivery of health care.  Having both degrees will be especially helpful for students with an interest in health care systems, insurance companies, compliance, medical device companies, health care facilities as well as the pharmaceutical industry or health policy organizations.

On the J.D. side, students must complete 82 credits in the Law School and 6 credits will be double-counted from the M.H.A. courses to complete the total of 88 credits.  On the M.H.A. side, students must complete 32 credits in M.H.A. courses and 8 credits will be double-counted from the J.D. coursework to complete the total of 40 credits.  Students will be required to complete 114 credits for both degrees.

Students will be awarded a Graduate Business Certificate as part of the curriculum for this program.

Admissions Process:

To be admitted to this program, students must apply separately to both programs.  Typically, students will begin the Law School and then start the masters program in their second year of Law School.  However, it is possible for students in the M.H.A. program to apply to the Law School, be accepted and begin the joint degree program/first year of the J.D. the following year.  (M.H.A. student need to save at least 6 credits to be completed after they begin their J.D. program.)

Applications to the M.H.A. program may be submitted between mid-August and April 1st for a fall start.  The GRE or GMAT will not be required; the student’s LSAT score will be used instead.  Once a student applies, the Business School will request the student’s law school application from the Law School.

Curriculum Requirements - JD

Refer to the link below for more information on the JD Requirements for Dual/Joint Degrees
Accounting for Decision-Making and Control
Digital Transformation
Communicating for Career Success
Valuation and Financial Decision Making
Essentials of Health Care Administration
Public Policy and Health
Professional Skills Development
Analysis of Health Care Delivery and Policy
Health Care Administration Capstone/Internship
Statistics for Managerial Decision Making
Introduction to Quality Management
Administrative Systems for Quality Management
Managing Through People
Human Resource Systems
Corporate Strategy and Organization
Foundations of Marketing Management
Total Credit Hours114
  • No single course may satisfy more than one of the three graduation requirements (skills, writing and professional responsibility).
  • Some designated courses and clinics may satisfy EITHER the skills or the writing requirement.

  • Externships Cap: Only 9 externship credits may be counted towards the minimum credits required for graduation.

  • There are a number of ways to meet the substantial writing course requirement, including through enrolling in designated courses and seminars, and through faculty supervised independent writing credit.

 Curriculum Requirements - M.H.A. in Health Management and Policy

Required Courses
ACC 600Accounting for Decision-Making and Control2
BTE 610Digital Transformation2
BUS 610Communicating for Career Success2
FIN 641Valuation and Financial Decision Making2
HMP 601Essentials of Health Care Administration2
HMP 655Public Policy and Health2
HMP 683Professional Skills Development2
HMP 684Analysis of Health Care Delivery and Policy2
HMP 650Health Care Administration Capstone/Internship2
MAS 631Statistics for Managerial Decision Making2
MAS 633Introduction to Quality Management2
MAS 634Administrative Systems for Quality Management2
MGT 620Managing Through People2
MGT 623Human Resource Systems2
MGT 677Corporate Strategy and Organization2
MKT 640Foundations of Marketing Management2
Additional Required Courses
The remaining courses will be selected from the following electives or other courses approved by the program director:
BSL 685Legal Aspects of Health Administration2
HMP 620Population Health2
HMP 640Health and Medical Decision Making2
MGT 679Entrepreneurial Mergers Acquisitions2
MKT 643Health Care Marketing2
Total Required Credits40

This is a sample Plan of Study. Your actual course sequence may vary depending on your previous academic experience as well as current course offerings. Students should meet with their academic advisor each semester to determine the appropriate course selection.

3-Year Program with 2 Summers

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
LAW 11 Civil Procedure I 3
LAW 12 Contracts 4
LAW 13 Elements 3
LAW 15 Torts 4
LAW 19 Legal Communication and Research I 2
 Credit Hours16
LAW 14 Property 4
LAW 16 Criminal Procedure 3
LAW 17 U.S. Constitutional Law I 4
LAW 29 Legal Communication and Research II 2
Elective 3
 Credit Hours16
Year Two
Upper Level Law Courses 1-6
 Credit Hours12
Upper Level Law Courses 1-6
 Credit Hours12
Year Three
Upper Level Law Courses 1-6
 Credit Hours12
Upper Level Law Courses 1-6
 Credit Hours14
M.H.A. Double-Counted Credits 6
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours88