Students minoring in advertising are provided a solid foundation into the principles and practice of strategy development in the field of advertising. Students then are able to choose from among various advertising electives to gain more extensive knowledge of elements of the advertising field.  

Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses
STC 114Principles of Advertising3
STC 200Advertising Strategy Development3
Select 9 credit hours with the approval of an Advertising faculty advisor 19
Graphic Design for Strategic Communication
Writing for Strategic Communication
Advanced Graphic Design for Advertising
Creative Advertising Concepts and Copywriting
Writing for Advertising Account Management
Special Topics in Strategic Communication
Advanced Graphic Design and Photography
Typography and Brand Design
Project Management for Strategic Communication
Consumer Insights In US Hispanic Markets
Research Methods for Advertising
Ethics in Strategic Communication
Advanced Copywriting
Social Media Messaging and Strategies
Digital and Mobile Advertising
International Advertising
Multicultural and Inclusive Advertising
Advertising Internship
Advertising Creative Strategy and Execution
Media Planning
Media Buying and Advertising Sales
Advanced Art Direction
Advertising Entrepreneurship
Advanced Research Methods for Advertising
Advanced Business and Advertising Strategy Development
Advertising Practicum
Social Media Analytics
Special Topics in Advertising
The Business of Account Management
Advanced Advertising Creative Development
Special Topics in Strategic Communication
Advertising Management
AAF National Student Advertising Campaign Competition
Projects and Directed Research
Total Credit Hours15

 It is the student's responsibility to meet any prerequisites for elective courses other than STC 114 and STC 200.  Such prerequisites (these are listed as a link for each course) will not be waived.


 A grade of C or higher is required in all courses (a C- is not acceptable).