The Business Technology certificate is designed to provide a broad background in business technology and to develop the technical skills one needs to stay competitive in this challenging field. The program will be of particular benefit to information technology professionals looking to gain deeper technical and management information skills. The certificate is awarded by the DCIE and the Department of Business Technology upon the successful completion of 18 credit hours.

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Division of Continuing and International Education
Collegiate Studies

Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses: 112
Python Programming: Fundamentals and Algorithms
Design of Information Systems
Foundations of Business Enterprise Technologies
Database Management Systems
Select two courses (6 credit hours) from the following:
Generative AI for Business Technology (Generative AI for Business Technology - New course)
Object-Oriented Programming
Launching HighTechnology Ventures
Fundamentals of Tech Project Management
Introduction to Health Informatics
AI Programming for Business Management
Special Topics in Business Technology
Total Credit Hours18

An alternate course may be approved by the department chair should one of the required courses become unavailable or inactive.


To empower people to reach their full potential through lifelong and lifewide learning.


  • The Business Technology certificate is designed to provide a foundation in business related theories, technologies and systems; develop the technical skills and understanding needed to stay competitive in this challenging field.

Student Learning Outcome

  • Students will be expected to understand technologies and related skills as they apply to business. Technologies may include programming, design, analysis, project management, cloud provisioning, analytics programming and databases amongst other areas.