The minor in biomedical engineering is open to all University of Miami students. It was designed specifically for students from STEM majors who are interested in learning how the field of biomedical engineering integrates principles of engineering and biological sciences to solve problems at the interface of engineering and medicine and to guide the development of new medical devices and regenerative  therapies.

Curriculum Requirements

A minor in Biomedical Engineering requires 15 credit hours passed with a grade of C or higher. Students are required to complete nine credits of core courses, plus an additional 6 credits of elective courses. Students must satisfy the prerequisites for all courses. Students can count no more than 6 credits taken outside the BME Department towards the minor.

Core Courses
BME 112Introduction to Biomedical Engineering2
BME 221Biomedical Design I1
BME 222Biomedical Project I2
BME 267Medical Systems Physiology with Lab (Medical Systems Physiology with Lab (NEW COURSE))4
Biomedical Design II
Biomedical Project II
Living Systems Engineering
Medical Instrumentation I
Medical Instrumentation II
Applied Biotransport
Biomedical Signal Analysis
Fundamentals of Biomechanics
Any 500-level BME course
Total Credit Hours15