A six-year dual-degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and a Master of Science in Architecture is available. The program is open to exceptional students who are admitted to the graduate program at the end of their junior year. Upon completion of this program, graduates are eligible for professional registration as both an engineer and an architect. The course requirements for the BSAE/MArch program are shown in the Plan of Study. 

Curriculum Requirements

Engineering Courses
CAE 111Introduction to Engineering I3
CAE 115Introduction to Engineering II: Geospatial Data (Surveying and GIS)1
CAE 210Mechanics of Solids I3
CAE 211Mechanics of Solids II3
CAE 212Structural Laboratory1
CAE 310Structural Analysis3
CAE 320Concrete Structures3
CAE 321Steel Structures3
CAE 330Fluid Mechanics3
CAE 370Geotechnical Engineering I3
CAE 371Geotechnical Laboratory1
CAE 380Electrical and Illumination Systems for Buildings3
CAE 381Building Mechanical Systems I: Hvac Fundamentals3
CAE 402Professional Engineering Practice3
CAE 403Senior Design Project I - Engineering Design3
CAE 404Senior Design Project II - Integrated Engineering Documents3
CAE 460Construction Management3
CAE 470Foundations and Earth Retaining Systems3
CAE 480Plumbing and Life Safety for Buildings3
CAE 481Building Mechanical Systems II: HVAC Systems3
CAE 581Energy-Efficient Building Design3
ISE 311Applied Probability and Statistics3
MAE 303Thermodynamics3
CAE 361Building Information Modeling I3
Architecture Courses
ARC 121Architecture and Culture1
ARC 230Building Technology I: Materials and Methods3
ARC 267History of Architecture I: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance3
ARC 268History of Architecture II: Baroque through Contemporary3
ARC 500Architecture Theory3
ARC 501Architecture Design and Theory I6
ARC 502Architecture Design and Theory II6
ARC 503Architectural Design and Theory III6
ARC 504Architecture Design and Theory I6
ARC 511Visual Representation I3
Math and Science Courses
MTH 151Calculus I for Engineers5
MTH 162Calculus II4
MTH 211Calculus III3
MTH 311Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations3
CHM 151Chemistry for Engineers3
CHM 153Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers1
PHY 221University Physics I3
PHY 222University Physics II3
PHY 223University Physics III3
PHY 224University Physics II Lab1
PHY 225University Physics III Lab1
General Education Requirements
Written Communication Skills:
WRS 105First-Year Writing I3
WRS 107First-Year Writing II: STEM3
Quantitative Skills:
Calculus I for Engineers (fulfilled through the major)
Areas of Knowledge:
Arts and Humanities Cognate (9 credits) (fulfilled through the ARC courses in the major)
People and Society Cognate9
STEM Cognate (9 credits) (fulfilled through the major)
Additional Required Courses
GEG 199Geographic Information Systems for Engineers1
Technical Elective3
ARC 608Integrated Architecture Design Studio6
ARC 609Architecture Design6
ARC 610Architecture Design Degree Project6
ARC 613Spatial Representation + Architectural Media 23
ARC 620Responsible Architecture3
ARC 652Management of Professional Practice3
ARC 699Directed Research (Architecture Thesis Prep)6
Architecture Elective9
Architecture History Elective3
Total Credit Hours200

Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
First SemesterCredit Hours
CAE 111 Introduction to Engineering I 3
WRS 105 First-Year Writing I 3
MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers 5
PHY 221 University Physics I 3
ARC 121 Architecture and Culture 1
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
CAE 115 Introduction to Engineering II: Geospatial Data (Surveying and GIS) 1
CAE 210 Mechanics of Solids I 3
WRS 107 First-Year Writing II: STEM 3
GEG 199 Geographic Information Systems for Engineers 1
MTH 162 Calculus II 4
PHY 222 University Physics II 3
PHY 224 University Physics II Lab 1
 Credit Hours16
Year Two
First Semester
CAE 211 Mechanics of Solids II 3
CAE 212 Structural Laboratory 1
ARC 230 Building Technology I: Materials and Methods (ARC 630) 1 3
ARC 267 History of Architecture I: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance (ARC 667) 1 3
PHY 223 University Physics III 3
PHY 225 University Physics III Lab 1
ISE 311 Applied Probability and Statistics 3
 Credit Hours17
Second Semester
CAE 310 Structural Analysis (ARC 631) 1 3
CHM 151 Chemistry for Engineers 3
CHM 153 Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers 1
MAE 303 Thermodynamics 3
MTH 211 Calculus III 3
MTH 311 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
 Credit Hours16
Year Three
Required 10 Week Semester  
ARC 203 Architecture Design III (ARC 606) 2 $ 6
 Credit Hours6
First Semester
CAE 320 Concrete Structures (ARC 633) 1 $ 3
CAE 330 Fluid Mechanics 3
PS Cognate 1 3
ARC 501 Architecture Design and Theory I (ARC 292/ARC604) 1 $ 6
ARC 511 Visual Representation I (ARC 611) 2 $ 3
PS Cognate * 3
 Credit Hours21
Second Semester
CAE 321 Steel Structures (ARC 632) 1 $ 3
CAE 380 Electrical and Illumination Systems for Buildings (ARC 663) 1 $ 3
CAE 381 Building Mechanical Systems I: Hvac Fundamentals (ARC 662) 1 $ 3
ARC 502 Architecture Design and Theory II (ARC 293/ARC 605) 1 $ 6
ARC 513 Advanced Visual Representation (ARC 613) 2 $ 3
 Credit Hours18
Summer (Required 10-week semester)
ARC 503 Architectural Design and Theory III 6
 Credit Hours6
Year Four
First Semester
CAE 480 Plumbing and Life Safety for Buildings $ 3
ARC 500 Architecture Theory (ARC 620) 2 $ 3
ARC 504 Architecture Design and Theory I (ARC 607) 2 $ 6
CAE 361 Building Information Modeling I 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
CAE 370 Geotechnical Engineering I $ 3
CAE 371 Geotechnical Laboratory $ 1
CAE 402 Professional Engineering Practice 3
CAE 460 Construction Management (Arch Elective) 1 $ 3
ARC 268 History of Architecture II: Baroque through Contemporary (ARC 668) 2 $ 3
Architecture Elective 2 3
 Credit Hours16
Year Five
First Semester
CAE 403 Senior Design Project I - Engineering Design $ 3
CAE 470 Foundations and Earth Retaining Systems $ 3
CAE 481 Building Mechanical Systems II: HVAC Systems (ARC Elective) 1 $ 3
ARC 608 Integrated Architecture Design Studio 2 $ 6
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
CAE 404 Senior Design Project II - Integrated Engineering Documents $ 3
ARC 609 Architecture Design 2 6
Architecture Elective 2 3
PS Cognate * 3
 Credit Hours15
Year Six
First Semester
ARC 699 Directed Research 2 $ 3
ARC 652 Management of Professional Practice 2 $ 3
History of Architecture Elective 2 3
Architecture Elective 2 3
PS Cognate * 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
CAE 581 Energy-Efficient Building Design (ARC Elective) 1 $ 3
ARC 610 Architecture Design Degree Project 2 $ 6
Architecture Elective 2 3
 Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours203

Note: ARC 292 or ARC 293ARC 267, and ARC 268 are required to satisfy the Humanities and Arts (HA) cognate in Architecture: Design and Theory.