(Audition required, music majors only)

The Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program

The Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program is designed to develop the creative skills of talented performing songwriters by immersing them in the diverse traditions that form the foundation of modern American songwriting. This rigorous approach will require students to become intimate, both in understanding and practice, with the vast and varied legacy that is American music. The CAM Program is open to all Frost School of Music students by audition. Those who successfully complete the program will earn a minor in Creative American Music. A minor in Creative American Music requires 17 credit hours.

Contemporary Performance as Primary Instrument or Voice

Contemporary Performance accommodates talented songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists who are not classical or jazz musicians. Contemporary instruments include Guitar (Electric and Acoustic), Voice, Electric Bass, Keyboard, Media (Alternate Controllers/Electronic Producers), Strings (Fiddle, Electric Violin, etc.) and Percussion (incl. Drums). Songwriters may apply to the Creative American Music Program. Contemporary Performance is available to students in the following majors: Modern Artist Development and Entrepreneurship (MADE); Music Industry; Music Engineering Technology; Media Scoring and Production; Music Education; Music Composition; Music Therapy; Professional Studies; and the Bachelor of Arts in Music. Pre-screening and audition are required.

Curriculum Requirements

MCY 221
MDE 207
Anglo-American Song Traditions
and Skills Lab III: American Song Traditions
MCY 222
MDE 208
African-American Song Traditions
and Skills Lab IV: American Song Traditions
MCY 311Modern American Pop Music3
MDE 307Skills Lab V: American Pop1
MDE 308Skills Lab VI: American Pop1
MDE 320Contemporary Lyric Writing3
MDE 445Senior Project/Portfolio1
Total Credit Hours17