The Higher Education Administration Program, which offers a Master of Science in Education with concentrations in Enrollment Management, Student Life and Development, and Institutional Research and Policy Analysis, is designed to produce skilled and versatile higher education administrators who understand all aspects of their professional environment. 

Our graduates enter a variety of roles in college and university administration with the ability to consider today’s challenges from a broad-based, highly informed perspective.

Curriculum Requirements

The Institutional Research and Policy Analysis concentration (33 credits) focuses on the skills necessary to conduct applied research that supports the effective functioning of postsecondary institutions. Areas of study extend beyond integrating research into effective administrative and policy initiatives to include understanding state and federal policies, higher education foundations, statistics, and data analytics.

Core Courses in Higher Education12
Organization and Administration of Higher Education I
Student Diversity in American Higher Education
Enrollment Management: Theory and Practice
Workshop in Education
Core Courses in Research12
Quantitative Methods I
Quantitative Methods II
Applied Multivariate Statistics
Computer Applications in Educational and Behavioral Science Research
Select 6 credit hours from the following or as otherwise advised:
Measurement and Psychometric Theory
Categorical Data Analysis
Item Response Theory
An Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling for Multivariable Data
Introduction to Multilevel Modeling
Meta-analytic methods for research synthesis.
Organization of Higher Education II: Governance, Leadership and Finance
College Student Development: Theory, Research and Practice
Critical Issues in Student Affairs
Advanced Seminar in Enrollment Management
Seminar in Higher Education Administration: Contemporary Issues
Practicum: Administration of Higher Education
Workshop in Education
Field Experience in Educational Research
Total Credit Hours33