To receive the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, the candidate must:

  1. Complete all coursework (103 credit hours) as required with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.
  2. Complete at least 3 credit hours of Elective coursework, in addition to the 103 credit hours.
  3. Successfully complete the clinical internships (I-IV) required.

Curriculum Requirements

PTS 616Clinical Research I3
PTS 670Clinical Skills in Physical Therapy3
PTS 672Clinical Kinesiology and Biomechanics3
PTS 674Clinical Examination3
PTS 676Medical Screening in Physical Therapy1
PTS 708Human Gait and Locomotion1
PTS 640Neuroscience I3
PTS 642Electrotherapy3
PTS 644Medical Pathology Seminar II1
PTS 726Therapeutic Exercise3
PTS 728Musculoskeletal Examination and Manual Treatment I3
PTS 630Foundations of Physical Therapy3
PTS 631Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapy I3
PTS 632Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapy II3
PTS 643Medical Pathology Seminar I1
PTS 710Clinical Internship I2
PTS 646Medical Pathology Seminar IV1
PTS 650Pharmacology2
PTS 671Therapeutic Physiology2
PTS 706Neurological Evaluation2
PTS 745Integumentary Disorders and Treatment2
PTS 714Neurorehabilitation3
PTS 724Cardio-Respiratory Physical Therapy3
PTS 727Prosthetics and Orthotics3
PTS 731Geriatric Physical Therapy2
PTS 730Pediatric Physical Therapy2
PTS 770Education Principles in Physical Therapy1
PTS 629Evaluation and Treatment of Spinal Dysfunctions I3
PTS 633Communication in Physical Therapy Practice2
PTS 641Neuroscience II3
PTS 645Medical Pathology Seminar III1
PTS 675Clinical Decision Making I2
PTS 717Clinical Research II3
PTS 748Musculoskeletal Examination and Treatment II3
PTS 771Complementary Therapies in Rehabilitation2
PTS 775Clinical Decision Making II3
PTS 785Medical Diagnostic Tests2
PTS 711Clinical Internship II2
PTS 803Clinical Internship III2
PTS 804Clinical Internship IV2
PTS 715Rehabilitation of the Complex Patient3
PTS 718Physical Therapy Administration3
PTS 729Evaluation and Treatment of Spinal Dysfunctions II3
PTS 765Health Promotion and Disease Prevention2
Total Credit Hours103

Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 elective credits in addition to the required courses. For a list of elective courses, please visit

Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
FallCredit Hours
PTS 616 Clinical Research I 3
PTS 670 Clinical Skills in Physical Therapy 3
PTS 672 Clinical Kinesiology and Biomechanics 3
PTS 674 Clinical Examination 3
PTS 676 Medical Screening in Physical Therapy 1
PTS 708 Human Gait and Locomotion 1
 Credit Hours14
PTS 640 Neuroscience I 3
PTS 642 Electrotherapy 3
PTS 644 Medical Pathology Seminar II 1
PTS 726 Therapeutic Exercise 3
PTS 728 Musculoskeletal Examination and Manual Treatment I 3
 Credit Hours13
PTS 630 Foundations of Physical Therapy 3
PTS 631 Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapy I 3
PTS 632 Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapy II 3
PTS 643 Medical Pathology Seminar I 1
 Credit Hours10
Year Two
PTS 710 Clinical Internship I 2
PTS 646 Medical Pathology Seminar IV 1
PTS 650 Pharmacology 2
PTS 671 Therapeutic Physiology 2
PTS 706 Neurological Evaluation 2
PTS 745 Integumentary Disorders and Treatment 2
 Credit Hours11
PTS 714 Neurorehabilitation 3
PTS 724 Cardio-Respiratory Physical Therapy 3
PTS 727 Prosthetics and Orthotics 3
PTS 731 Geriatric Physical Therapy 2
PTS 730 Pediatric Physical Therapy 2
PTS 770 Education Principles in Physical Therapy 1
 Credit Hours14
PTS 629 Evaluation and Treatment of Spinal Dysfunctions I 3
PTS 633 Communication in Physical Therapy Practice 2
PTS 641 Neuroscience II 3
PTS 645 Medical Pathology Seminar III 1
PTS 675 Clinical Decision Making I 2
 Credit Hours11
Year Three
PTS 717 Clinical Research II 3
PTS 748 Musculoskeletal Examination and Treatment II 3
PTS 771 Complementary Therapies in Rehabilitation 2
PTS 775 Clinical Decision Making II 3
PTS 785 Medical Diagnostic Tests 2
PTS 711 Clinical Internship II 2
 Credit Hours15
PTS 803 Clinical Internship III 2
PTS 804 Clinical Internship IV 2
 Credit Hours4
PTS 715 Rehabilitation of the Complex Patient 3
PTS 718 Physical Therapy Administration 3
PTS 729 Evaluation and Treatment of Spinal Dysfunctions II 3
PTS 765 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 2
 Credit Hours11
 Total Credit Hours103