Mission Statement

The mission of the Artist Diploma in Instrumental Performance is to:

  • To stimulate the student's awareness and artistic creativity in the field of instrumental performance
  • To provide students public performance opportunities in a supportive and encouraging environment
  • To provide students with the performance skills necessary to allow them to pursue professional orchestra auditions, chamber music careers, national/international competitions, continued graduate study, and any other performance objectives necessary for a career as a classical instrumentalist.

The mission of the Artist Diploma in Instrumental Conducting program is:

  • To provide students with the highest quality training possible to bridge academic training with technical preparation (score reading, rehearsal technique, and physical technique) that is necessary for an entry-level career as a professional artist;
  • To provide students with performance opportunities that develop and demonstrate their ability to integrate musicianship and performance practice with limited academic requirements;
  • To assist students with identifying opportunities and preparation for competitions, internships, apprenticeships, and other professional venues for the classical artist including contact strategies and specific competition preparation strategies.


Entrance to the program is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills in performance or conducting by audition.  A fully enrolled student can complete the 18 credit hour program in one year.

Curriculum Requirements

Applied Lessons (MIP XX5)8
Performance Ensembles2
Two Recitals (MIP 814)2
Approved Studies in Music6
Total Credit Hours18