Minor Area of Specialization in Business Analytics (STEM)

Miami Business School students who choose the minor area of specialization in Business Analytics are trained to combine quantitative, statistical, and computational tools and techniques to help companies understand, predict, and act on large amounts of data, improving decision-making in increasingly complex and interconnected business environments.

The 12-credit-hour minor in Business Analytics consists of the following:

Required Courses 1
MAS 332Data Acquisition, Preparation and Visualization (pre-requisite MAS 202 or MAS 312 or equivalent) 23
MAS 342Introduction to Optimization and Decision Making (pre-requisites MTH 162 or equivalent & MAS 201 or MAS 311 or equivalent) 23
MAS 432Data Analysis (pre-requisite MAS 202 or MAS 312 or equivalent) 33
MAS 442Stochastic Models in Operations Research (pre-requisite MAS 311 or equivalent) 33
Total Credit Hours12