The educational mission of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine interdisciplinary MD/MPH dual degree program is to graduate physicians with the ability and desire to improve the health of all populations, especially those most vulnerable and underserved, by alleviating suffering and eliminating healthcare disparities through their leadership in patient care, research, education, health care administration and the community.

Four-Year MD-MPH Program:

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) MD/MPH program is unique in several ways. There are very few four-year MD/MPH dual degree programs offered at medical schools in the United States. Our program integrates significant components of the MPH coursework into the curriculum beginning in the first year and culminating in a required four-week clerkship in Public Health. 

The program is designed to provide graduates with the clinical and research skills required to approach health problems from a population and prevention perspective by integrating the roles of the biological sciences and clinical practice into the broader sets of knowledge and practices used in public health. We will graduate physicians who are provided the academic knowledge and skills, as well as the clinical experience to improve the health of all populations, especially those most vulnerable and underserved.

The MD/MPH dual degree program is an educational track at the UMMSM that will provide:

  • Both degrees in four years
  • Integrated and innovative training in both clinical medicine and public health
  • In depth training in public health that provides the skills needed to reduce death and disability at the population level
  • Sustainable partnerships that provide opportunities to assess and improve public health, working with Public Health physicians in clinical and public health activities during clinical rotations
  • Opportunities for community-based research to complete the required special project for the MPH degree (capstone)


Applications are accepted through the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®). The MSOM Secondary Application will give you the option to apply to only the MD/MPH program, or to both the MD and the MD/MPH program. Selecting either of these choices will provide you with specific questions about your interest and experience in public health. The criteria for eligibility and academic prerequisites for the MD/MPH program are the same as those for the regular MD program. For more information, visit admissions.med.miami.edu or contact the Office of Admissions at med.admissions@miami.edu or 305.243.3234. 

Curriculum Requirements - MD/MPH Dual Degree

MD Requirements136
Refer to the link below for more information on the MD Dual/Joint Degree Program requirements.
MPH Requirements (36 credits)
EPH 600Introduction to the Science Practice of Public Health3
EPH 603Medical Biostatistics3
EPH 617Disease Prevention and Health Promotion3
EPH 621Fundamentals of Epidemiology3
EPH 641Environmental Health3
EPH 651Research Methods3
EPH 652Health Policy3
EPH 653Leading Change in Population Health—Moving From Talk to Action3
EPH 655Health Economics and Financing3
EPH 660Public Health Seminar3
EPH 682Generalist Capstone Project2
MPH Specialty Course (EPH course)3
Total Credit Hours172

Students will follow the plan of study listed on the MD program curriculum tab integrating with the MPH plan of study below.

Plan of Study - Public Health

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Fall ICredit Hours
EPH 600 Introduction to the Science Practice of Public Health 3
EPH 603 Medical Biostatistics 3
EPH 621 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
EPH 617 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 3
 Credit Hours12
Spring I
EPH 651 Research Methods (Start Capstone work) 3
Start Capstone work
 Credit Hours4
Year Two
Year 2 are only MD courses
 Credit Hours0
Year Three
EPH 652 Health Policy 3
EPH 655 Health Economics and Financing 3
EPH 653 Leading Change in Population Health—Moving From Talk to Action 3
EPH 641 Environmental Health 3
EPH 660 Public Health Seminar 3
MPH Specialty Course (Selected EPH course) 3
 Credit Hours18
Year Four
EPH 682 Generalist Capstone Project 2
 Credit Hours2
Certificate in Public Health (CPH) Exam  
 Credit Hours0
 Total Credit Hours36