New Student

A new student is a student who has been admitted to a program and paid the enrollment deposit but not yet completed the first 7 days of the first program course. 

Continuing Student

A continuing student is a student who has completed at least the first 7 days of the first course in their program and not yet graduated from the program. 


A course is an educational component made up of academic content, assignments and activities, the successful completion of which earns a student credit hours toward completion of a program. A course is delivered and accessed online via a learning management system (LMS). A course is 7 weeks long.

Academic Plan/Program of Study

A series of courses that make up a full degree or certificate program. All courses in a program must be successfully completed for a student to be considered for graduation.

Academic Year

The academic year is August through July and consists of 3 terms (Fall, Spring, Summer).


A term is the discrete length of time in which courses are offered. A term is 15-weeks long and encompasses two 7-week sessions with a 1-week break in between them.

  • Fall Term is August – December
  • Spring Term is January – April
  • Summer Term is May – July


A session is the discrete length of time during which a single course is completed. A session is 7-weeks long.