Student Readiness Orientation

Once a student has been admitted and paid the non-refundable enrollment deposit, a student can start the Student Readiness Orientation. The Student Readiness Orientation (SRO) is an interactive series of required activities in the University’s social media environment. and will be accessed by students through their UOnline student portal. During the SRO, students will meet other students, prepare for online learning at the University of Miami and familiarize themselves with their support structures and University academic policies.

Students will have (4) four weeks to complete and pass the SRO and will receive an email with their official SRO completion deadline via email from their Enrollment Advisor.  For students to be fully prepared for their courses, completion of the SRO is mandatory and must be passed within (4) four weeks of submitting the enrollment deposit.  Students who submit their enrollment deposit late may have less than (4) four weeks to complete the required activities and should refer to their official SRO email for their deadline. There are no extensions or exceptions allowed when completing the SRO.

Students who fail to complete or do not pass the SRO by the deadline will be administratively withdrawn and will need to wait (1) one additional term before being eligible to reapplyAdditional activities, such as the New Student Checklist, may also be required in order for students to be prepared for class.  Student should work closely with their Enrollment Advisor and Student Advocate to receive guidance on completion of these additional activities.

Successful Completion

Once students have successfully completed and passed all required activities in the Student Readiness environment, they will be eligible to register for their first term's courses. Students should review the Syllabus to ensure that they complete the required activities with a passing grade.  

Program Change

If a student changes his/her program, the student may be required to complete some program-specific portions of the Student Readiness Orientation or New Student Checklist. If so, the student's Enrollment Advisor will inform the student and provide access to the relevant Student Readiness Orientation activities.

Offer of Admission Expiration

If a student’s Offer of Admission has expired and he/she has not started a program, the student will be required to retake the Student Readiness Orientation once he/she has been re-admitted into the program.