Academic Integrity

All students are bound by the  Academic Integrity Policy, which is intended to promote and support an atmosphere conducive to learning. Each student’s work is to be their own unless express permission is given by the instructor. Additionally, while students are bound by the policy, faculty are also bound to report violations as offered in the policy.

Repeating Courses

A student may appeal to repeat a course in which a failing grade was earned, but the repetition of the course will not eliminate the previous grade from the record and the student is responsible for tuition and other costs related to the repeated course. A course may be repeated only once unless written authorization is provided by the Program Director, Dean of the School and Dean of the Graduate School, and requires program approval. Students must complete a Course Retake Appeal form no later than the readmission deadline per the Academic Calendar for the requested retake term. All grades are included in the computation of the quality point average. If a course in which an unsatisfactory grade (as determined by the program advisor) was earned is repeated and the repeat grade is a “C-” or higher, the number of credit hours required for graduation will be increased by the number of credit hours repeated. If a student attempts to retake a passed course, taking the same course to obtain a better grade, financial aid may be affected.

Registrations which involve repeating a course in which a grade of “A” or “B” has already been earned may not earn quality points or credit hours, nor count as credit hours attempted. 

Incomplete (I) or Failing Grade(s) 

Students who Fail a course(s) or receive an Incomplete (I) grade are not permitted to progress in their program or register for the next term until their Incomplete grade is posted as a letter grade in CaneLink or they have been approved to retake the course. Since academic progress requirements may vary per UOnline program, it is advised that you contact your Academic Advisor ASAP for next steps. Students who receive a Failing or Incomplete (I) grade in Session 1 of a term will be dropped from Session 2. In the case of an Incomplete (I) grade, students are not eligible to progress in their program and are not eligible for registration until their final letter grade is visible in CaneLink. Students must adhere to all registration deadlines and must also meet with their Academic Advisor to determine academic eligibility to continue in the program. Contact your Academic Advisor here!

Academic Progress: Students are required to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA throughout their program. If a student earns a GPA which causes them to fall below the 3.0 requirement, they will be placed on academic probation. Please refer to the UOnline Student Handbook or reach out to your Academic Advisor 

Federal Financial Aid Eligibility: if a student is using Federal Financial Aid loans, an Incomplete (I) or Failing grade may alter their aid eligibility moving forward. if a student has received financial aid (federal student loans) that paid towards their tuition bill and/or refunded to the student directly, any changes to a student's enrollment because of dropping a course and/or withdrawal will possibly cause an adjustment to your financial aid award package and a balance owed to the university. Students will be notified of any changes occurred and/or balance owed.

UOnline Business Students

Graduate students in the Miami Business School who fall below the 3.0 GPA may be placed on academic probation. Within one semester after their GPA falling below 3.0, Master's students wishing to repeat a course may petition their program director to do so. If the petition is approved by the graduate program director, the grade obtained in their second attempt will replace the original grade for purposes of calculating their GPA for clearance for graduation only. Authorization to repeat a course is limited to courses in which an unsatisfactory grade was earned (as determined by the graduate program director).

Additionally, a course may be repeated only once and students may not repeat more than two courses. The student's transcript will continue to show all attempts and the GPA computation will include all grades earned for purposes other than computing the GPA for clearance for graduation. If a course in which an unsatisfactory grade of lower than a "B-" was earned is repeated and the repeat grade is "C-" or higher, the number of credits required for graduation will be increased by the number of credits repeated. Registrations which involved repeating course in which a grade of "A" or "B" has already been earned may not earn qualify points or credit hours, nor count as credits attempted. 

UOnline MSEd Sport Administration  

UOnline students must earn a grade of "C" or better in KIN 601 before taking KIN 602 or KIN 603. Should a student earn below a "C" in KIN 601, the student will be automatically withdrawn from their Session 2 course for that term and rescheduled for the immediate next term in KIN 601 to repeat. Students failing to earn the required pre-requisite grade will be responsible for tuition for both attempts.  

UOnline Applied Learning Sciences (Certificate/MSEd/EdD)

UOnline students who receive a failing course grade in either of programs' first two courses will not be eligible to take additional courses due to the lock-step nature of the program. Instead, the student is required to wait until the next cohort begins and to retake the course(s) in question with that new cohort. Students failing to earn the required pre-requisite grade will be responsible for tuition for both attempts.  All APLS seminar courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scale. Students are only permitted to retake a failed (“U”) seminar course one additional time (Total of 4 attempts per seminar course). Students who fail an APLS seminar course may not be permitted to move forward with their remaining coursework without the permission of the Program Director and may be required to join a later cohort to complete their remaining courses. Repeated grades of “U” will result in dismissal from the program. 

Academic Standing, Probation, and Dismissal

At the end of each course, UOnline and the Schools and Colleges, shall determine whether a student is in Good Academic Standing, on Academic Probation, or subject to Academic Dismissal. If a student is placed on Academic Probation or is Academically Dismissed, they will receive an official letter outlining the specifications of their probation or dismissal.  Students on Academic Probation or who have been Academically Dismissed may see changes to their course sequencing, eligibility changes to financial aid, and may be required to meet with their UOnline Academic Advisor prior to being eligible for future registration. 

Good Academic Standing

To be in Good Academic Standing a student must not be on Academic Probation or subject to Academic Dismissal. All Graduate students are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout their program. U/S grades do not count towards a student's cumulative GPA.

Academic Probation

Students shall be placed on Academic Probation if they fall below a 3.0 cumulative GPA after any course. Students who fail to make satisfactory progress toward meeting the degree requirements specified by their School or College may be put on Probation by the Academic Standards Committee of the School/College. A student’s GPA is reviewed after each course is completed. If a student consistently fails to close the gap towards achieving a 3.0 GPA (this could include receiving grades of  incomplete, withdrawing from courses, a student’s GPA dropping even farther, among others), that student may be dismissed from the program after the program director has reviewed that student’s performance.

Students may also be placed on probation for non-academic reasons (e.g., failure to follow professional norms of participation in online discussion, among others) at any time during their program. Steps needed to re-mediate non-academic performance issues will be spelled out in the letter placing the student on probation.

Students on Academic Probation must meet with their academic advisor after each course to review their academic progression, future course sequencing, and may need to repeat courses, as necessary. Academic Probation may affect financial aid eligibility , so it is recommended that students reach out to the Financial Aid office for further clarification on their specific status.

Academic Dismissal

A student who remains on probation after one term and is not meeting academic progression standards may be subject to Academic Dismissal based on the information found in the probation letter from the School or College. The decision to dismiss shall be made by the School or College in which the student is enrolled. If a decision is made not to dismiss, the student shall remain on Academic Probation and must meet the requirements of their academic probation letter, and will be required to meet with their UOnline Academic Advisor after each course to review their academic progression.

Appeals and Readmission

Students who wish to appeal their Academic probation or dismissal for academic reasons, must do so in writing to UOnline Academic Advising and the School or College within thirty (30) days of the notice of dismissal. In some cases, a student may choose to submit a second appeal directly to the Graduate School using the process and time frames here. Appeals that are submitted outside of the approved time frame will not be accepted. All Graduate School decisions are final and will be communicated in writing to the student.