Dean of Students Office

The mission of the Dean of Students Office is to foster the personal development of students by providing a range of programs and services that create an optimal learning and living environment. The Graduate Honor Code and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook are two methods in which the University encourages ethical behavior in all its students. The Graduate Honor Council is a student organization which investigates violations of the Graduate Honor Code and decides appropriate action. The Dean of Students Office also oversees the University Chaplains Association, which consists of various campus ministries to serve the spiritual needs of students. For more information on these and other services offered by the Dean of Students Office, call 305-284-5353 or visit our website.

Career Development

The Toppel Career Center assists undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni in formulating their career plans and in pursuingĀ  internship opportunities.

It is the intent and desire of the University of Miami and the Toppel Career Center to provide equal employment opportunities for students and graduates regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disabilities. is a management system where students can access internships, jobs, on-campus recruiting information, career programs, and companies/organizations attending Careers Expos and Fairs. Students can only access these additional online resources by activating and logging into their account.

Student Disability

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides academic resources and support to ensure that students with documented disabilities are able to access and participate in the opportunities available at the University of Miami.

All students seeking accommodations for a disability must register with the Office of Disability Services. Students should disclose that they are a UOnline student for fastest processing times. Students should register as soon as possible so that the office has sufficient time to receive and review the necessary documentation and coordinate reasonable accommodations. To register, schedule an appointment with the ARC at 305-284-2374 or e-mail us.

Before a determination is made regarding a request for accommodations, the student must complete the proper forms and submit current, appropriate, and full documentation of the disability as required by ARC.