All graduate work (except for the master’s degree in Law, J.D. in Law, and M.D. degree) at the University of Miami is under the direction of the Dean of the Graduate School and the Graduate Council.

All graduate students at the University of Miami are subject to the general standards and requirements of their programs in regard to attendance, examinations, payment of fees and conduct, as well as to the specific requirements of the Graduate School. The graduate student is expected to assume the initiative in completing all requirements in the time specified.

Prospective students should note that “graduate study” means an integrated program of advanced, specialized study, based on an undergraduate major and/or adequate background, presupposing academic and personal maturity, and making much more than average demand upon the industry, initiative and scholarship of the student. The term must be distinguished from “post-graduation study” which means merely that courses, not necessarily of graduate level, are taken after the student has received a bachelor’s degree.

To preserve its ideals of scholarship, conduct, and character, the Graduate School reserves the right and the student by his/her registration concedes the right, to require the withdrawal of any student for any reason deemed sufficient by the Graduate School at any time.

Students enrolled in academic plans and/or academic calendars other than UOnline specific academic plans/calendars are not permitted to take UOnline courses unless they apply and are fully accepted and matriculate into a UOnline program/plan. If a student obtains permission to apply and switch to an academic plan with UOnline, they are not permitted to switch back to the campus plan. If a UOnline student obtains permission to apply and switch to a campus program/plan, they are not permitted to switch back to UOnline. Federal aid regulations prohibit students from taking courses from multiple academic calendars at the same time which are designated by the start and end dates of the terms, not the start and end dates of specific courses. 

Time to Completion

Time to completion starts when a student begins any program in the Graduate School. All work must be completed within three (3) years of the start date to the graduate program, for those studying for the various master’s degrees. Individual programs may set a shorter time period. Exceptions may be granted by the Dean of the Graduate School at the request of the Graduate Program Director.  Course availability may vary by program and term; therefore students who may need to withdraw or take a break from their program should work directly with their Academic Advisor to ensure timely completion within the three (3) year window.  Students in the UOnline Applied Learning Sciences (Master’s & Doctoral) have six (6) years to complete their requirements for graduation.

A student is ineligible for financial aid when it becomes mathematically impossible for him/her to complete the program within 150% of the length of the program. The length of the program is the amount of time necessary for a student to complete all requirements for a degree or certificate. 

Each online degree program has a minimum time within which a student may complete the degree if the student takes the courses on a continually enrolled basis. Online degrees are flexible, and the actual time to completion, within the three-year limit, can vary by student.  However, if a student is not continuously enrolled for a period greater than one year, he or she must reapply to the program and will lose any tuition discounts previously applied to their account.  A student may be eligible for any tuition discounts available to new students at the time of the student's re-admission, and should contact the Online Enrollment Office to see if they qualify.  

Graduate Transfer Credits

  • Transfer credits from an outside institution may not be applied toward any online degree in the School of Business.   
  • A maximum of 6 credit hours may, with the permission of Program Director, be applied to the M.S. Ed. in Sport Administration degree online.
  • Certain UOnline business courses may be transferable to other UOnline business programs.  Students should contact their Academic Advisor to see if their courses are eligible to transfer.  
  • Graduate credit hours transferred from another university may not be applied toward a graduate degree at the University of Miami if their age at the time of acceptance into the University of Miami program exceeds six years. On an individual basis, students may be permitted to validate over-aged credit hours by examination, with program approval.
  • Students in the UOnline degree programs may not transfer or transfer credit hours from the online degree version of these programs to the campus based versions of the programs without the permission of the Program Director and the Dean of the school. Should a student obtain permission for such a transfer, they will not be admissible back to their original program once transferred.
  • Students may not transfer any credits from any campus-based program to any of the UOnline programs without the permission of the Program Director and the Dean of the school.
  • Students may not take any individual UOnline course and transfer into an existing campus program using the online course as an elective course option.  
  • Transfer credit hours grades will not be factored into a student’s cumulative grade point average at the University. Transfer credit hours only impact the number of credit hours earned. 
  • Students must submit their Transfer of Credit request, along with all official documents required, no later than the deadline per the UOnline Academic Calendar. 

Online Program Course Information

Students should review their school's program page for more information on course descriptions, pre-requisite requirements, and other program specifics. Course sequencing is subject to change each term and does not align with campus sequencing. For additional information on course sequencing or specific online student requirements, please contact Academic Advising


MS Finance 

Certificate in Corporate Finance

Certificate in Financial Decision Making

Professional MBA


MSEd Sport Administration

MSEd in Applied Learning Sciences

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Applied Learning Sciences

MS in Data Analytics and Program Evaluation

Certificate in Data Management and Statistical Analysis

Certificate in Program Evaluation


Masters in Public Administration 


M.A. in Live Entertainment Management

M.M. in Media Scoring and Production

M.A. in Music Industry

M.A. in Popular Music Pedagogy

Certificate in Arts Leadership

Certificate in Arts Management

Certificate in Arts Presenting Fundamentals

Certificate in Legal Aspects of Music Business

Certificate in Music Business Fundamentals

Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Music Rights Administration and Licensing

Certificate in Tour and Live Entertainment Administration