The undergraduate major in Global Health Studies (GHS) provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective to understanding how issues surrounding global health relate to the greater impacts on society, culture, and the environment. This major provides students with the opportunity to explore the cultural and social aspects of health and underlying causes that affect the well-being and provide an important interdisciplinary platform for the empirical and theoretical interaction of humanists and social scientists.

The GHS major offers three tracks:

  • B.A. in Global Health Studies (Humanities)
  • B.A. in Global Health Studies (Social Sciences)
  • B.S. in Global Health Studies (Pre-Med)

The Global Health Studies major combines social science and humanist perspectives across the disciplines of anthropology, religious studies, geography, regional studies, classics, history, literature, and sociology.  For students pursuing the Pre-Med track, these perspectives interact with the STEM requirements of the Pre-Health program as outlined by the Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring ( 

Minors in Global Health Studies