The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BLA) is a degree program alternative that may appeal to those with previous transferable college credit seeking to complete and earn their bachelor’s degree, as well as to those seeking a more broadly focused bachelor’s degree program with an individual plan of study. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students earn the BLA degree.

Students in the BLA degree program are required to earn a minimum of 120 credits. Of these 120 credits, at least 60 must be earned at the 300-level or higher, and at least 30 of these 60 must be earned in the College of Arts & Sciences. No more than 40 credits at the 300-level or higher and no more than 52 credits at any level may be earned in any one department. A maximum of 30 credits towards the 120 credits needed for graduation may be earned in other colleges/schools at the University of Miami, except for those courses expressly excluded from recognition by the College. 

Students in the BLA degree program are required to complete the University of Miami's general education requirements by earning a cognate in each of the three areas of knowledge. Students must complete WRS 105 (if required) and WRS 106 or ENG 106, and MTH 108 or higher or MAS 110 or EPS 351 or PSY 291 . Students must also complete the College of Arts and Sciences' second language proficiency requirement and the advanced writing and communication proficiency requirement (by completing four courses for writing credit). Students in the BLA degree program do not earn a major or minor.