Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Innovation & Society program infuses design thinking and data science as core competencies within a liberal arts framework that centers the needs of humans facing significant global challenges. Working in a highly collaborative setting, students will be immersed in solving real-world problems across disciplines and majors. 

Educational Goals

In Innovation and Society, students are immersed in experiential learning that takes place both in and outside of the classroom. Through design challenges, projects, portfolios, and engagement with public and private organizations working together to address global concerns, students in Innovation and Society will use their training to pursue impactful solutions to global problems, practice storytelling with data, and gain real-world professional experience that will make them competitive job seekers after graduation. 

Degree Program

The Innovation and Society Program offers a Co-Major, which consists of 24 credit hours (18 credit hours in the co-major and 6 credits generally double counted with the primary major) and is available to any student as a secondary major. The co-major cannot be taken as a stand-alone major. All students must be completing another undergraduate major within the university.